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FETC 2018 Preview: TeamDynamix The Work Management Platform For K-12

myschooldance-banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: TeamDynamix The Work Management Platform For K-12TeamDynamix Is The Work Flow, Project and Service Management Platform For K-12 Schools

teamdynamix-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: TeamDynamix The Work Management Platform For K-12

TeamDynamix is a trusted name in the workflow and project management industry. Their solutions are used across trade associations, government applications, higher ed and K-12. In this broad world of technology TeamDynamix is a great solution to quickly satisfy service requests, share information and manage projects district wide for your K-12 school district.

The TeamDynamix platform has the features and resources to handle everything from AV loaner equipment to transcripts, maintenance logistics, to cafeteria issues. Their single portal system is designed for teachers, administrators, faculty, staff, students and parents to have one place to go to submit service requests, and then plan, map out, assign and see a project through.

Even with technology in just about every school in the country multiplying, school districts seem to cut IT staff, facilities staff and other administrative staff first, when budgeting. This means that maintenance departments, facilities crews and the IT department all wear multiple hats and handle multiple projects. Long gone are the days that all of these tasks can be managed with paper and pen.

TeamDynamix platform is a fully integrated ITSM and project portfolio management platform that goes well beyond IT to support facilities, events, communication, staff onboarding, training and more. Every group within your school district can be on the same platform yet operate independently as needed. In fact each school location can have their own group. District support staff can be a part of multiple groups. Do you have five IT support members that service all 17 schools? They can easily be part of all 17 groups and yet part of their own group as well so that tasks can be distributed and projects can be managed collaboratively or individually.

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: TeamDynamix The Work Management Platform For K-12“With TeamDynamix, K-12 schools can manage processes throughout the institution and bridge divides between classrooms, administrators, facilities, and more – all from a single platform that combines service management and project planning.” the company says on their website.

TeamDynamix was designed with all the tools needed to manage the entire school district. This wholistic approach means that school districts don’t need to be bothered with the expense of several different systems. TeamDynamix is an incident/problem management system, work order/service order system, and a student/parent/staff/teacher portal.

TeamDynamix single platform approach can help foster improved collaboration and communication across schools, the school district and it’s community.

Find out more at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #2652 and online at 

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