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Managing The IT Demands Of K-12 Schools

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 Managing The IT Demands Of K-12 SchoolsTeamDynamix Confirms The #1 Challenge For K-12 IT Departments Is Resource Capacity Constraints

K-12 IT is one of the most challenging fields in the industry. There’s a broad range of stakeholders. Users can be as young as 4 or 5. Technology is innovating quicker than every other sector. There’s limited time for training and support. There’s also the mantra throughout the entire country that K-12 IT departments are expected to do more with less.

It’s a tough pill to swallow that many district offices across the country continue to trivialize the impact that IT departments have on student success. With more and more schools turning to digital only curriculum and 1:1 device initiatives, the IT department is more important than ever. Imagine 20 years ago if your school was completely cut off from paper, textbooks and chalk. It would be extremely hard to get any teaching and learning done. Crippling IT departments could have that same effect.

From lights and facility infrastructure to the lessons and interactive games on the tablets in your first grade classroom, the IT department is keeping your school running.

A recent survey a recent survey published by TeamDynamix and Kaseya, revealed the pains that many CIOs and IT professionals in K-12 already knew, that resource capacity constraints is the #1 challenge K-12 IT departments are faced with today, and everyday.

Human resources, funding and time are the biggest contributors to this major problem faced by thousands of schools. “the demands are dizzying, nothing is changing faster than education from a technology standpoint” Team Dynamix, Head of Strategy, Andrew Graf, told us at FETC 2018 in Orlando.

In addition to managing their limited resources, district CIO’s need to keep up with the constantly changing technology landscape to ensure that their students are using the latest available tools. Adding to this, are the demands of the various stakeholders in K-12 education. Teachers, administrators, students and parents all see the latest and greatest technology on the web and at conferences and expect that with a snap of a finger their entire student body can be using the same technologies.

TeamDynamix provides an all in one platform that helps make managing IT, Facilities and other important systems within the K-12 environment, much easier. Their knowledge portal as a self service solution that helps most stakeholders resolve up to 40% of issues that may otherwise become trouble tickets. Their support management system ensures that trouble tickets are routed to the appropriate resource, prioritized and resolved.

More and more top level district administrators are coming from the corporate world, rather than education. We are seeing this as a growing trend in bigger school districts and charter schools. These individuals are extremely proficient in dealing with raw numbers. To that end, TeamDynamix provides a variety of resources that through, charts, graphs and numbers, show the impact that IT, facilities and HR decisions make across the bottom line.

We got a chance to talk with Graf at FETC about the survey and how Team Dynamix can help. Check out the interview video above and for more information visit teamdynamix.com 

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