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FETC 2018: Team Dynamix Is Improving Work Flow Across K-12 Schools

codereadr-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Team Dynamix Is Improving Work Flow Across K-12 SchoolsTeam Dynamix Work Management Platform Is Maximizing Efficiency In Every Department From IT to HR and Everything In Between.

We live in a world today where even the best schools and districts in the country are forced to “do more with less” this is a theme echoed by just about every IT department facing company that we spoke with at FETC 2018 in Orlando. That goes across all departments, IT, maintenance, facilities, HR, administration and even faculty. Everyone within the organization of a school or district is wearing multiple hats.

There are so many moving parts within a body of school or school district that it’s extremely hard to streamline efficiency and get things done. I remember just a few years ago going into my daughter’s second grade class and there was a crooked smart board at the front of the room on meet the teacher night. 10 months later on the last day of school that board was still crooked.

Team Dynamix is a work management platform that serves schools their stakeholders in two different ways that compliment one another. First, through a knowledge base built primarily on the school’s own policies and procedures, when a teacher, faculty member, administrator or even a parent has a question there’s a quick searchable platform where they can try and find an answer to a question or problem.  This part of Team Dynamix service portal is working great for the school’s using it. They are seeing a 50-70% reduction in inbound service requests because users are finding their own answer questions. Giving those schools more time to drive student success.

When there is no answer available or the answer doesn’t work Team Dynamix allows users to create an inbound service request which get correctly delegated and updated as the problem is addressed and then fixed or corrected. The days of google docs and sticky notes are over.  With Team Dynamix more requests are being fulfilled and a much timelier manner.

You can find out more about Team Dynamix here at teamdynamix.com 

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e4effort-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Team Dynamix Is Improving Work Flow Across K-12 Schools