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FETC 2018 Preview: TextHelp, Advanced Help In Reading, Writing, Math and Literacy

texthelp-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: TextHelp, Advanced Help In Reading, Writing, Math and LiteracyTextHelp Offers The Most Advanced Text To Speech Platform For Students

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a parent, an administrator or a caretaker, seeing a student struggle with learning is one of the hardest things to endure. Immediately everyone wants to jump into action and help that student. Teachers want to devote as much time as they can to those that are struggling, it’s why they got into teaching in the first place.

It’s important for teachers to have all the best tools in their toolboxes. TextHelp is one of those tools.

TextHelp is the nation’s leader in improving academic performance with tools that support reading, writing and literacy. Whether students have a learning disability, a literacy challenge or any host of other reasons that they aren’t reading, writing or speaking where they need to be TextHelp can help. They focus only on these main objectives, which happen to be the most important in a learning environment.

Through proprietary software tools like Read&Write, Equatio, FluencyTutor, BrowseAloud and their newest Speecstream, TextHelp makes sure that learning is accessible. “We add the accessibility and the know how” the company says.

Read&Write is their easy to use tool bar that lets anyone read, write and express themselves more confidently. The Read&Write tool bar includes tools that can read emails and documents aloud. It also includes picture dictionaries, summary highlighters and other tools that can help make literacy tasks simpler even for students that are English Language Learners or who may have learning disabilities like dyslexia. The tool is even perfect for students who just aren’t reading at grade level, for whatever reason. The always on toolbar can help with homework assignments, research papers or browsing the internet.

Equatio is a Chrome browser extension that’s like having a built in math tutor or assistant in your computer at all times. Equatio allows the user to type, handwrite or dictate equations, formulas and more directly on the users computer or Chromebook. Students can then add the expression to a Google doc with the click of a button

“With intuitive prediction realising that you mean ‘square root’ when you type ‘sq’…It’s also clever enough to ignore those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when you’re dictating a formula aloud. And to save you even more time, there’s a huge library of ready-made expressions, from simple formulas to complex functions.” the company says.

SpeechStream is their newest exciting product. SpeechStream is a highly flexible tool bar for learning publishers and platform providers to embed directly in their online content. Once embedded SpeechStream is there for students with a variety of reading, writing and math support functions, taking tools from Read&Write, Equatio and more and making them accessible to students through other platform providers. Vocabulary list builders, talking and picture dictionaries, translation, text to speech and other valuable tools are all found in SpeechStream.

Find out how TextHelp can help you, help your students at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26, booth #1044 and online at texthelp.com

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: TextHelp, Advanced Help In Reading, Writing, Math and Literacy