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FETC 2018 Preview: Tippy Talk Is Giving Kids A Voice

728x90-animation FETC 2018 Preview: Tippy Talk Is Giving Kids  A VoiceTippy Talk Provides Instant Communication For Those Who Can’t Speak

tippytalk-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: Tippy Talk Is Giving Kids  A Voice

Here at we love accessibility startups and Irish company Tippy Talk is one of those startups.

There are several tablet based programs available for non-verbal people to use to communicate through pictures in person. The person who is non-verbal, and can’t communicate any other way, can typically tap on a picture and the word is said aloud through the application. Tippy Talk takes that idea to the next level and provides a way for non-verbal people to communicate via text message.

This progressive accessibility startup offers the first way for a non-verbal person to send text messages to friends, family members, caregivers and other loved ones. From communicating needs for help to just sending fun messages, with Tippy Talk the person with the non-verbal disability clicks on a picture and it’s sent to the receiver via text.

Tippy Talk was created by Rob Laffan who’s daughter Sadie has non-verbal autism. She, like many others with non-verbal autism, communicates with pictures. Communication can be so frustrating for kids with non-verbal autism. They know they want something and they know what they want but without the aid of pictures they can’t communicate that need or feeling. As we said above many apps allow that kind of communication in person, but what if the person they are trying to communicate with is not in the room.

That’s why Laffan created Tippy Talk. Now if he’s sitting in his home office or even at work or the mall, Sadie can send him a text message using just a picture. It can be anything from I’m thirsty to I want to go outside and play.

Tippy Talk works in four simple steps:

  • The child selects who they want to communicate with by selecting a picture of them
  • The child selects a user category
  • Then the child selects an item and the message is sent
  • The person the child chose receives that message

It’s working for children and adults and making an impact on lives everywhere. Tippy Talk is expandable and grows as the user does. Laffan wanted to make sure it’s available for children regardless of device so you can find it in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and even the Amazon Kindle store.

You can learn more about Tippy Talk at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #2011F and online at 

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