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FETC 2018: Turnitin Is Building Better Students, Here’s How

728x90-animation FETC 2018: Turnitin Is Building Better Students, Here's HowTurnitin Is Being Widely Used In K-12 Schools To Help Build Better Students, Here’s How.

Many of you may be familiar with Turnitin and how they are a plagiarism prevention company. This is true. They have the largest database in the world of documents available on the internet to check against plagiarism, documents turned in by school students, to check against plagiarism and college published works.

Turnitin works, it’s building better, more ethical students that know they need to work harder to turn in original assignments. Schools from K-College want to know they have the highest levels of integrity amongst students. Less plagiarism creates a good healthy culture on school campuses everywhere. But that’s just the beginning.

At FETC 2018 in Orlando we spoke with Turnitin’s Ismael Cruz who explained that with Turnitin if an assignment has been turned in anywhere or text is being copied from just about any connected source in the world, it’s not going to pass through Turnitin’s system. In fact, schools that use Turnitin can upload their entire library of assignments submitted electronically. For some of the schools using Turnitin that’s over 15 years of assignments. Their database of student created assignments that have gone through the Turnitin system is more than 700 million.

Turnitin has a variety of tools that are building better students and the plagiarism tool is just one of them. When students know that their assignment is going to be checked with Turnitin they also know they need to turn in original work. In the K-12 level especially, Turnitin also helps identify students that might not be attributing their quotes correctly. There are alot of students that have plagiarized something off the internet without even realizing they did it.

Let’s talk about driving student success through grading.

Turnitin is also a grading tool that goes above and beyond most grading tools. You see, every LMS in the world has some kind of grading tool that easily allows teachers to check assignments in real time as they’re turned in if they are multiple choice or true false assessments. There are even grading tools that can check students graphing and formula work by checking it against a master graph or formula. But what about writing assignments.

While technology is enhancing the lives of teachers, students, administrators and parents in K-12 schools, the one thing that’s always been a challenge is old fashioned teacher feedback on writing assignments. It was kind of assumed that technology killed the days of a teacher writing red pen notes in the margins of writing assignments.

Turnitin allows teachers to give that same feedback style grading they did with the good old red pen. Using Turnitin teachers can highlight text, misspelled words, incorrect grammar (thank goodness we don’t use Turnitin) and write annotations or notes right on the assignment. Did the student miss a point? Do you want the student to dive a little further into the concept or argument? Would a sentence or paragraph flow better if lines were exchanged with one another. All of those things teachers used to do with the red pen are easy to do with Turnitin.

Using Turnitin’s grading tool teachers can create drag and drop comments and even voice comments as well. Using voice comments teachers can leave a voice memo right within the assignment that the student can listen back to in the privacy of their own home. With the powerful technology in Turnitin there are even teachers that are able to provide feedback to a student while they’re doing an assignment at home which allows them to make changes and refine their assignment before it’s turned in. Students can turn in a rough draft at 5:30 and if the teacher is still working in the evening, they can get it back to the student before they go to bed.

Check out our video interview with Cruz above and for more information visit turnitin.com. Turnitin has brought back the red pen, but they’ve killed off that good ole fraternity file cabinet filled with papers to turn in.

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