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Turnitin’s Revision Assistant Is Helping Students Improve Their Writing, Beyond English Class

turnitin-fetc-top Turnitin's Revision Assistant Is Helping Students Improve Their Writing, Beyond English ClassFETC 2018 Preview: See How The Latest Updates To Turnitin’s Revision Assistant Are Helping Students Beyond English Class.

Turnitin is a platform that is well known for helping school’s K-16, prevent plagiarism and improve writing. Turnitin encourages original ideas, allows teachers to give valuable feedback, and prevents plagiarism at scale. Preventing plagiarism helps bolster the integrity of schools, institutions and students alike. Using tools like Turnitin, let students know that cheating and copying is taken seriously. Just knowing that their papers are being verified by a system like Turnitin prevents cheating in the first place.

The biggest value to Turnitin is the feedback channel and writing tools. Turnitin’s Revision Assistant is an online tool that improves student writing and engagement. Students respond to standards-aligned reading and writing tasks and receive immediate, actionable feedback.  Now students don’t have to wait to get papers back from their teacher, they can get help immediately.

By the middle school years, writing assignments in subject areas outside of English/Language Arts tend to be only a paragraph in length says Arizona State University professor and researcher Steve Graham. He adds that writing is more important now than ever before due to digital communications. Students need to learn how to write clearly and purposefully in either short or long formats because our society spends so much time expressing themselves electronically. Dr. Graham expands on this topic in a podcast The Written Word, sponsored by Turnitin.

Social studies teachers who are tasked with teaching history and civics rarely have time to give direct writing instruction. This may be a reason why their writing assignments tend to be shorter. However, Revision Assistant is one tool teachers can use to give meaningful writing instruction and relevant feedback without adding to their workload. With Revision Assistant, students write to a prompt such as an argumentative essay on the Modern Revolution. At any time while writing, students can request a Signal Check and Revision Assistant will immediately give four points of feedback specific to their essay.

“We know we need to be teaching writing but we can’t do that in a meaningful way when we need to teach social studies standards at the same time,” said Caren Ray, the social studies department chair at Santa Maria High School in California. “I used to do abbreviated writing exercises because of time challenges but with Revision Assistant, I was able to assign a poetry analysis to my students, and the program gave students feedback in a manner they could intuitively understand.”

A new historical analysis genre and new historical analysis prompts will be available in December 2017 and more will be released in 2018. Historical analysis prompts in Revision Assistant align with disciplinary literacy state standards including the Common Core, as well as the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies.

You can see the latest upgrades to Revision Assistant at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, June 23-26th at booth #2217 and learn more online here at turnitin.com 

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