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Learn How To Level Up Your Languages With Wibbu’s Ruby Rei At FETC 2018

studyo-fetc-banner-720 Learn How To Level Up Your Languages With Wibbu's Ruby Rei At FETC 2018FETC 2018 Preview: Wibbu’s Latest ELL Game, Ruby Rei, Will Blow You and Your Students Away.

wibbu-rubyrei-fetc2018-top Learn How To Level Up Your Languages With Wibbu's Ruby Rei At FETC 2018

Wibbu is changing the world one classroom at a time with their extremely high quality, engaging, and educational video games. They design all of their games from the top down to provide students with games that they would immerse themselves with, whether they were educational or not. As teachers and game designers, they are able to incorporate curriculum aligned lessons and content into their games, that doesn’t take away from the playability or experience.  That really shows through with their latest ELL release, entitled Ruby Rei.

Ruby Rei is a language acquisition tool starring a somewhat rebellious somewhat fearless girl named Ruby. She has found herself stuck on a foreign planet. On this planet Ruby makes friends and learns their native language. The game immerses students in a story that expands their vocabulary and strengthens their social emotional skills at the same time. But we’ll get into that later.

As Ruby’s adventure continues students will have to help Ruby communicate. That’s where the language acquisition part comes in. Wibbu had designed Ruby Rei to teach English, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese, Mandarin, French and Japanese.

Ruby Rei travels through 18 distinct environments where she will learn more vocabulary and get faced with some social emotional learning challenges. The game is completely customizable starting with ages and abilities. Once the target language has been chosen, each line of dialogue is broken down into a series of translatable segments where teachers can control the pace of the learning.  All of the learning outcomes align with curriculum and Ruby Rei can be used as a supportive tool or as the core focus of the lesson, giving even more flexibility.

Wibbu puts meticulous detail into the game play features as well. They know that today’s students have access to top level console games, computer games and mobile games. Ruby Rei plays like any of the popular RPGs out today.

Once Wibbu has the student captivated by the game and the lesson they want to maximize the experience and the game play time so in addition to the vocabulary skills built in Ruby Rei, Wibbu has created a cast of characters and story lines that put the student through challenging, character building situations. This starts with the characters themselves including Ruby Rei who is in a strange place meeting new people. She goes on to learn that everybody’s story in important and time learning about others is time well spent.

Other characters include:

  • Hugo an all powerful god that has bad depression.
  • Soo San, a five foot warrior who is single minded, unhelpful and inert with pride, don’t tell him that he’s short.
  • Moob is a boy devoted to Meebee who doesn’t give him the time of day. He is a new kind of character, a male character entirely defined in relation to his female counterpart, most video games feature that relationship the other way around.
  • MeeMee is the object of Moob’s affection because she is confident and proud of her individuality
  • Victor is the local cab driver but he teaches that sometimes it’s better to give someone a chance and to go out of your way even if it’s just for a hug and a thank you.

The characters in Wibbu’s games are the same kind of characters that gamers fall in love with in other games. They are able to drive engagement and learning by creating a video game company that focuses as much on learning as playing.

You can check out Ruby Rei at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #1254 and online at wibbu.com

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