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CES 2018: Tatum Talks Wonder Workshop Cue With The EdTech Nerd

myschooldance-banner-fetc CES 2018: Tatum Talks Wonder Workshop Cue With The EdTech NerdFETC 2018 Preview: Wonder Workshop’s Cue Takes The Solid Foundation Of Dash In A New Robot For Older Kids.

While it seems that our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum is a globetrotter of sorts, traveling from conference to conference, there may be one man who has her beat in miles this past year and that’s Bryan Miller, The EdTech Nerd.  Miller wears many hats and at CES 2018 in Las Vegas he was wearing his daytime, Wonder Workshop Director of EDU Strategy hat and talking to passerby about the latest in the Cleverbot family, the older brother (but newer), Cue.

Wonder Workshop created the original Dash robot to help teach kids to code in kid speak rather than harder to understand coding languages. Kids can program Dash to do a variety of things including shooting baskets and playing the xylophone.

tatumftech-edtechnerd CES 2018: Tatum Talks Wonder Workshop Cue With The EdTech Nerd

Wonder Workshop’s new Cue robot looks similar to Dash and includes:

  • 3 Proximity Sensors
  • Real Time Bluetooth
  • IR Robot Interaction
  • 3 Processors & Sensor Fusion
  • Dual Motors & Potentiometers
  • 3 Microphones & Speaker
  • Programmable LED & Buttons
  • 2 Powered Wheels & Encorders

With Cue, kids can program in drag and drop block language as they could with Dash but as their skills grow they can start coding using JavaScript.

Cue goes even more interactive with it’s companion app by allowing kids to choose from 4 unique hero avatars that each depth of personality, expressions and interactions giving Cue a real personality. Cue’s AI component takes on a real personality and can even text with it’s owner allowing their kid to discover each avatar’s personality.

Cue has several modes of play and learning. In create mode, kids can program Cue to their heart’s content mashing up commands and sensor input completely freestyle. Control mode has three auto modes using his Emotive AI (seek, avoid and explore). In this mode kids can have cue navigate tight corners, make cool moves and more.

You can see Cue at FETC 2018 in Orlando January 23-26th, booth 543. If you want to catch Bryan Miller though, you’re going to have to catch one of his sessions.

Cue is available now for just $199 online at makewonder.com and it’s coming soon to the same big box stores where you can find Dash.

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