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Travel To WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity At FETC 2018

kinderlab-fetc-banner Travel To WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity At FETC 2018FETC Preview: WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity

writingcity-fetc-tcea-top Travel To WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity At FETC 2018

K-5 teachers and administrators heading to FETC this week are going to want to check out two other cities besides Orlando, WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity except you won’t need to leave the Orange County Convention Center. You’ll find all of them at booth #944.

VocabularySpellingCity and WritingCity are on a mission to build vocabulary and reading comprehension in elementary students. With that also comes a subsequent mission to help these same elementary students build the foundation for a lifetime of confident writing.

Your tour of these amazing cities geared for students in grades K-5 should start with VocabularySpellingCity. They offer the training, tools and data to implement a powerful vocabulary program.

Did you know that, according to the National Research Council, 70% of comprehension problems are directly related to the lack of vocabulary. More specifically the problem is in vocabulary retention.

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc Travel To WritingCity and VocabularySpellingCity At FETC 2018That’s why VocabularSpellingCity has developed over 35 learning activities that help students build and retain vocabulary. It starts at the ground floor with phonics and sound recognition activities. The activities gradually grow to even include writing activities.

Many schools and districts use VocabularySpellingCity to build a standards based curriculum even replacing their reading lists with VocabularySpellingCity’s lists including: Journeys, Reading Street, Reading Wonders and more, with all of the titles aligning to the vocabulary students are learning in their activities.

As students begin to master vocabulary teachers and administrators begin to see a proven increase in vocabulary retention. In fact schools using VocabularySpellingCity see a 43% increase in retention.

The next natural step in building an English and language arts foundation in K-5 students is writing. That’s why WritingCity, powered by WriteSteps is under the same roof. WritingCity provides teachers with a much needed technology driven program for grades 3-5 that builds a foundation for a lifetime of confident writing.

Teachers using WritingCity can rest assured knowing that all of the lessons they are planning within the system are 100% standards aligned for both writing and grammar state standards.

WritingCity addresses 13 of the most important factors in a writing program to teachers and administrators:

  • 100% standards aligned
  • Teaches 3 common core text types: Narrative, Informative and Opinion
  • Includes text type student examples
  • Offers text type specific rubrics
  • Includes grammar instruction
  • Follows the Writer’s Workshop model
  • Teaches the 6 traits of quality writing
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Web based resources
  • Compatible with interactive white boards
  • Formative assessments
  • Includes implementation training for teachers
  • Includes classroom demonstration videos

With WritingCity students build critical writing skills and confidence from instructional modeling and daily writing practice. Schools that have been using WritingCity/WriteSteps have seen a dramatic increase in standardized test scores.

Vocabulary, spelling, comprehension and writing all go together. That’s why if you’re a teacher or administrator in K-5 you should stop by VocabularySpellingCity and WritingCity at FETC in Orlando this week, booth #944 and at TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #1942. You can also find out more online at spellingcity.com and writingcity.com 

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