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FETC 2018 Preview: Do You Have a 24 Hour Homework Helper, Yup!

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: Do You Have a 24 Hour Homework Helper, Yup!Yup Is Your Text A Friend For Homework Help Even at 1:00am

yup-fetc2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: Do You Have a 24 Hour Homework Helper, Yup!

There’s a hundred great reasons why Yup may just be a high school student’s best friend. Yup is an on demand tutoring service designed to help students with their homework, anytime, day or night.

Say you’ve been working on a group project at a friends house all night long. When you get home you realize it’s nearly 3am and your calculus homework has you stumped. That’s where edtech startup Yup comes in.

Yup is an on demand tutoring and help platform that allows students to use an app to get instant help with physics, chemistry and math homework on demand, via text message. Yup uses college students from school’s like Stanfard, Cambridge, Oxford and Singapore as tutors. Even with the bar set that high, they accept less than 1% of student applicants to become tutors. Once selected these tutors go through a stringent training process before they’re able to help high school students with their homework.

Help is what you get.

Unlike competitors Chegg, CourseHero and Varsity Tutors, Yelp helps students figure problems out on their own rather than spoon feeding them answers. This is one of the unique advantages to Yup that even teachers love.  Also by using college student tutors at Oxford and Singapore, there’s always a tutor available even at 3am.

Yup CEO and founder Naguib Sawiris explained to TechCrunch last fall that students connect to Yup via their website or native iOS or Android App. After a quick interview the students are connected to a college student tutor for help. Help is all they’ll get. Sawiris has set Yup apart by requiring all of the tutoring sessions to be recorded and reviewed by other tutors within 48 hours. This naturally helps the tutors become better at tutoring but also checks for things like cheating and spoon feeding the students the answers.

“We hold our tutors accountable to actual learning. There are too many cheat sites out there that just give students the answers and don’t care about learning,” Sawiris said.

This policy along with Yup’s commitment to develop and offer services to charter schools and districts was enough to secure the first investment from the venture arm of Sesame Street, Sesame Ventures. The fund is a collaboration with the Collaborative Fund (no pun intended), and specifically targets companies in the education, health and wellness and family space. Sesame Ventures led a $4 million dollar seed extension round for Yup, last November.

To date Yup has helped over 700,000 students across the country with great results.

“Both my husband and I struggle with algebra. Yup was able to actually help my daughter and be there when we couldn’t be.” Susan, a parent based in Evansville Indiana says on their website. 

Yup is easy to get started and easy to remember at yup.com. Check out Yup in the startup pavilion at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #2011A and online at yup.com.

Here’s a video interview with Yup from ISTE 2017:

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