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FETC 2018: ZSpace Is Captivating Students With Educational Content, Watch This

728x90-animation FETC 2018: ZSpace Is Captivating Students With Educational Content, Watch ThiszSpace Uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality To Teach Kids. Does It Work? Just Watch This Video

Virtual Reality and augmented reality, when used correctly, can be a captivating tool for the classroom. There are a wide rage of companies bringing AR and VR into the classroom in a variety of ways. Many of those ways are immersed in gaming. While virtual reality and augmented reality games can be great tools, ZSpace is using mixed reality technology with amazing, standards aligned content to take teaching to the next level.

zSpace is redefining mixed reality in the classroom. They’re offering teachers an entirely new way to teach that engages students even more than headset based virtual reality. The zSpace station is a large, camera enabled screen that connects to PCs. Teachers use stylus pens and 3d glasses to see the screen come to life. With the glasses on frogs can jump off the screen, butterflies can fly off the screen and planets can orbit right in front of a students eyes.

Students and teachers can manipulate the 3D images on the zSpace station by using the stylus. In one anatomy example a human heart shows up in front of the students. They can then move it around and see the entire heart. They can even pull back the layers of the heart as they go through the curriculum that explains each layers name and function. Now student can dissect a frog without the smell or the mess.

With zSpace, students can touch and manipulate objects in ways that were never possible before. They can go on an archeology dig and dust off ancient artifacts. They can play with, study and manipulate the human heart. They can even work with physics in an unprecedented ways with apps like Newton’s Park. In this particular app (shown in the video), students can create experiments removing gravity.

zSpace is currently introducing some new career focused content for high school students including an automotive program that allows students to take a part and put together cars, the way students used to do it in autoshop class.

While all of this sounds well and good, does it actually work? The answer is a resounding yes. Thousands of students across the country are learning social studies, science, language and many other subjects using zSpace. Even without fancy headsets and gaming, the content is truly captivating. Just watch the video above.

Our 10 year old ed tech reporter, Tatum F, got a chance to interview Joe Parlier the Senior Director of Educational Solutions at zSpace and a career educator. Parlier has moved up the ranks from teacher to principal and in the private sector, has spent the rest of his career in edtech. But this is where the story gets even better.

Tatum has been doing edtech interviews since she was six, a solid four years of this edtech conference circuit. Tatum has seen just about every edtech product under the sun. She’s made friends with a lot of the creators of these products so she’s one of the first people on their lists to test out new robots, STEM toys, electronic kits and yes virtual and augmented reality.

At FETC Tatum had appointment after appointment to see new edtech, but Parlier and zSpace just completely sucked her in. Basically Parlier transformed back into an elementary school teacher and spent the good part of an hour covering the heart and physics. The zSpace lessons he used allowed her to explore more into the topics he was covering than a textbook or a 2D lesson on any kind of device. Now condensed and edited to just about 7 minutes, our raw video was nearly 40 minutes and we had to remind Tatum she had several other “cool things” to see but our schedule on day one was shot because she was really into the content. Imagine how captivating zSpace is in an actual classroom setting.

Check out Tatum’s interview and walk through with Parlier above and for more information visit

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