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Finally Hackers In Nashville Get A Conference

While the real big news in Nashville seems to be the split up of country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, the real news is nestled in Nashville’s very vibrant hacker and developer community. A community often times neglected for the more sexy “startup community”.

Nashville played host to two startup conferences in June 3686 and Pandoland, the culmination which turned into a clusterf*ck at best, was set to attract a record number of startup enthusiasts to the region. While 3686 saw the brunt of that, Pandoland seemed, at least on the surface, to have far fewer attendees.

What both of those conferences lacked was a big turnout of developers. A problem that Gaines Kergosien, president of the Nashville .NET user group has been keen on for quite some time.

SouthernAlpha reported last week that the developer community in Nashville is finally getting an event of it’s own.

Music City Code will take place August 29th at Lipscomb University. Registration will open next week.

Conference organizers say that “Music City Code is a technical conference focused on connecting technologists with the industry’s top thought leaders.” on their website. Perhaps this is indicative that they hope to attract the hustlers as well, even though the startup conferences have failed to cater to the developers, at least for the past three years.

They haven’t released a speaker lineup yet, however there is a call for submissions so if you’ve got something mind blowing to share with the hackers of Music City than you should probably step on over to this link and fill out a submission.