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ISTE 2018: In This Day And Age, CrisisGo Is The One Thing All School’s Need

crisisgo-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: In This Day And Age, CrisisGo Is The One Thing All School's NeedCrisisGo Is Keeping Kids Safer

Regardless of your politics you may have read this week that the Trump administrations education safety commission isn’t talking about gun control or mass shootings. But they are talking about student safety. Forget all that, there’s an edtech startup in Missouri that’s only mission is to make school days safer for students. That company, CrisisGo has created a platform that connects people and organizations through safety networks to ensure everyone has what they need to be safer. Period.

We created a mobile application that combines safety awareness, instructions, and emergency response tools. In case of an incident, it enables faster response by bringing safety teams to people in distress and guides them back to safety using two-way emergency communications.” the company says on their website. 

Their mobile app puts crisis management in the palms of teacher’s hands. Each school’s emergency response plan is embedded in the app giving teachers and administrators piece of mind that when crisis comes they have the information they need. There’s also an easy to use tool that allows teachers or administrators to quickly report a tip or incident. There’s a panic button feature, and a reunification feature that insures teachers know what students are in the classroom and when each student is truly safe.

Most lockdown situations are made within three minutes. Several within seconds of an incident occurring. There’s no time to root through desks for manuals and instructions. There isn’t enough time in the school year to run through drills. Teachers and administrators need the information and they need it now. That’s why CrisisGo has already secured thousands of schools across the country.

Unfortunately we live in a time where school shootings are on the top of our minds but CrisisGo is also ideal for tornados, hurricanes, blackouts, fires and any other safety situation.

Meet the people and the app we would trust to protect our students at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1097 and online at crisisgo.com 

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