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ISTE 2018 Preview: Anki’s Cozmo Will Get Your Students Excited About STEM

a8ed56d4-f94f-45db-9bd3-531f6b9228ac-12212-0000048ac1612119 ISTE 2018 Preview: Anki’s Cozmo Will Get Your Students Excited About STEMYou May Know Anki From Overdrive But Their Cozmo Robot Is Perfect For Your Classroom.

You may know Anki from their Overdrive racetrack game. It looked like those old school Tyco racetracks that every family had in their basement but the difference is their cars are faster, their tracks have more possibilities and you control the cars with your phone or tablet. Oh and you can buy it today at any major retailer.

Overdrive was just the beginning for the company who is working to bring decades of robotics and AI experiences to the masses. They’re doing this through a variety of products including Overdrive and Cozmo.

Cozmo is Anki’s app controlled robot and in this case app controlled doesn’t do it justice. Coz rivals robots you’ve seen in the movies like Johnny Five and does all kinds of things. Kids and even adults can have hours of fun with Cosmo with preprogrammed activities found in the app or program him yourself like a mad robotic scientist.

Cozmo is programmed in the Cozmo Code Lab where you can make him do all kinds of things in Controller or Sandbox mode. There’s a variety of coding project ideas on the Anki website and you can of course come up with your own.

Through CodeLab Anki has brought everything that Cozmo can do into easy programmable blocks which gives Cozmo unlimited possibilities. In sandbox mode, users, children and students get a real developer feel for the robot and for programming. In the classroom there’s a wealth of programming projects that students can experience with Cozmo and Anki.

With Cozmo in the classroom students get access to a consumer grade robot that rivals robots in the movies. Anki will be at ISTE 2018 showing off Cozmo, June 24-28th in Chicago, Booth #2663.

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