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ISTE 2018 Preview: Bloomz Is One Of The Fastest Growing Education Apps Ever, Here’s Why

bloomz-iste-2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Bloomz Is One Of The Fastest Growing Education Apps Ever, Here's WhyBloomz Is One Of The Fastest Growing Education Mobile Apps, Connecting Parents and Teachers Nationwide.

Bloomz is one of the fastest growing education mobile apps because it’s connecting parents and teachers  in unparalleled ways. What used to take a folders worth of apps on your iPhone or Android device is now all done through Bloomz in a simple, intuitive platform that feels a lot like Facebook for education.

The Bloomz app was designed to take the place of mountains of paperwork that teachers would have to fill out on a daily or weekly basis, sometimes for up to 30 kids in the class. We all know that the old fashioned way wasn’t very effective. Sending all of that paper home with students, sometimes as young as 5 years old, required teachers to cross their fingers and hope that it actually made it there.

With Bloomz, parents sign up for a free Bloomz account online and then teacher can easily communicate with parents, and vice versa.

With Bloomz teachers can:

  • Update parents on assignments
  • Get parents interested in volunteering and then keep track of it
  • Let parents and caregivers know when their are special activities going on at school
  • Quickly communicate with parents in whether delays and school cancellations (and emergency situations)
  • Send daily behavior updates to parents, replacing the clip chart and color coded take home sheet
  • Follow up with parents on classwork and homework
  • Schedule parent teacher conferences
  • and much more.

Bloomz also makes it easy for teachers to create student portfolios so that they can share student work directly with their parents and families.

Several research studies have proven that engaged parents lead to better students and communication is the key to engagement. Bloomz offers teachers everything they need to keep parents informed, involved and engaged. With Bloomz teachers save lot’s of time and know that their information is making it home to parents. This means they can spend more time on lesson plans, instruction and professional development that directly benefits their students.

See the Bloomz difference at ISTE 2018, June 24-27th in Chicago, booth #685 and online at bloomz.net

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