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ISTE 2018 Preview: Clevertouch Is The Key To Immersive Learning

clevertouch-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Clevertouch Is The Key To Immersive LearningClevertouch Deserves To Be At The Head Of The Class

When you were in school chances are being sent to the head of the class may not have been a good thing. We know one front of class display that wants to be at the head of the class and should be at the head of the class, and that’s Clevertouch.

Clevertouch is more than an interactive display company. With Clevertouch you and your students can discover immersive learning in ways never before possible, never before imaginable. Today, great classrooms are fueled by collaborative learning spaces, interactive displays and smart digital classroom environments. All of that, and more powers Clevertouch.

Clevertouch prides themselves on not just having beautiful touchscreens with brilliant picture, but once set up they are as easy to use as your smartphone or tablet. They also run two operating systems, Android and Windows and changing between operating systems is a breeze (this feature is also available on competitors screens, like ClearTouch).

What really sets Clevertouch apart form competitors is their proprietary UI, called LUX. With LUX, Clevertouch aims to make the touch screen as user friendly as possible. They know the headache in frustration from teachers having to fiddle with changing cords or doing ten commands to switch an input. What’s even worse is when instruction is held up because a teacher needs to call their technology director just to find a file. All of these actions are controlled by LUX and changing inputs is just a swipe up, down, left or right or many swipes at the same time.

Screen sharing and mirroring is also a simple function on Clevertouch and they’ve made it easy to switch between shared devices in a breeze. If you’re hosting a group presentation day in your classroom, each students device can be switched on the Clevertouch in seconds, rather than fiddling with dongles and a variety of cords.  IT Managers and technology directors at schools can have complete control of one or all of the Clevertouch devices deployed in their schools, from their office, insuring that updates are made in a timely manner.

Check out Clevertouch at ISTE 2018 in Chicago June 24-28th, Booth #2316 and online at clevertouch.com

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