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ISTE 2018 Preview: Kids, Kittens, Coding and Code.Game

codegame-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Kids, Kittens, Coding and Code.GameCode.Game Is The Most Interesting Way For Kids 7+ To Learn Computer Programming

Let’s face it, it’s time for kids to learn coding. We’ve featured a handful of great ways to expose kids to coding but nothing works better than actually letting them code. That’s where things get tricky. How can you get kids engaged in actual script based, real computer programming when there are so many robots and things with bells and whistles out there too.

That’s where Code.Game comes in.

Code.Game cleverly suggests that the hardest thing to do, the most difficult part of programming is getting from 0 to 1. Anyone with a little programming experience will appreciate that inside joke. If not, you may need to check out Code.Game too.

With Code.Game, students start out with the Kitten Editor. This coding editor has over 200 mini-games covering a wide range of themes designed to captivate the student programmers attention and get them critically thinking. The adaptive platform will allow students to get deeper and deeper into actual coding and programming as they conquer each task.

The Kitten Editor starts with drag and drop graphical coding and as your students progress through Code.Game they will quickly learn the next steps in programming and eventually get to script.

Code.Game is also collaborative and allows students to submerse themselves in a fantasy adventure, stepping into the game and the world of coding.

Once students have the hang of the Kitten Editor they can move onto Code.Game’s Box Game which is a fantastic 3d code island that allows students to explore and build their own world using coding skills.

Check out Code.Game at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th in booth #2117 and online at code.game.

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