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CodeCombat Is Teaching Students To Do Real Coding Through Game Based Learning

codecombat-iste2018-top CodeCombat Is Teaching Students To Do Real Coding Through Game Based LearningISTE 2018 Preview: When You Combine Games Based Learning and Coding You Get CodeCombat

CodeCombat is one of the most unique, platforms to teach kids coding. The founders of CodeCombat have combined games based learning with coding and computer science instruction that allows teachers to teach kids to code at all grade levels using actual coding. One teacher says “you can’t expect to teach kids coding if they don’t actually code anything” and that’s the truest statement we’ve heard in quite sometime.

Games Based Learning when compared to conventional or traditional ways of teaching and assessment methods, prevail. With game based learning students retain knowledge, concentrate and perform at a higher level achievement. CodeCombat takes that valuable way of learning and injects coding into it where students don’t even realize what they are learning.

There are several coding curriculums and platforms out there that are designed for students. Each one of them varies in how it’s taught but many of them rely on a three step growth process, graphical coding, block language and then text based coding. CodeCombat cuts out the first two steps and starts with basic syntax, arguments and strings. Through CodeCombat students are going to learn JavaScript, python, HTML, CSS and jQuerv.

All of this coding is taught by allowing students to navigate the CodeCombat world and play their game, create their own game, websites and more.

“A winning combination of RPG gameplay and programming homework that pulls off making kid-friendly education legitimately enjoyable.” PC Magazine said.

So the next thing you’re dying to know is how hard is it to teach? Well CodeCombat has made it easy to implement an entire computer science program without having a computer science background. The platform is so fun and well thought out that teachers are learning coding, right alongside their students.

Code Combat starts with Introduction to computer science and takes students all the way through vectors and recursion with even more modules coming soon. The platform is growing and ever changing which also helps to make it, and keep it engaging.

You can check out CodeCombat for yourself at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1688 and online at codecombat.com 

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