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ISTE 2018: Students Go Bananas Over CodeMonkey

codemonkey-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Students Go Bananas Over CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Teaches Kids Real Coding

There are coding resources and platforms for kids, and then there are platforms that are teaching kids to actually code in a real language. CodeMonkey is one of those platforms that gets down to the nitty gritty at as young an age and grade level as possible. Rather than moving students and kids through different picture based languages and then ending up in a script/text based language, CodeMonkey gets right to it with CoffeeScript

After spending time coding the CodeMonkey game kids will already know the basics to coding in CoffeeScript. It will be a lot easier for them to turn that knowledge into their own new games and apps.

CodeMonkey teaches students to code intuitively to help their monkey get through the game. As they’re doing this, they’re actually coding.

Witch CodeMonkey the monkey needs to get as many bananas as possible, and do it in a variety of ways. Rather than using a mouse or joystick, students need to code their way to each banana. To achieve this students see the coding portion on one side of the screen and the monkey on the other. This means that students can see the direct correlation between the code they are writing and what the monkey does.

Teacher’s don’t need any coding experience to teach using CodeMonkey. The game comes with a curriculum guide featuring nearly 50 detailed lesson plans with online and offline activities. Everything comes together in a dashboard where teachers can monitor a students progress and even take examples from each students code and share it with the class. The directions are easy enough that the teacher can learn alongside his or her students.

“I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to use CodeMonkey, I think it’s the best that I’ve seen. The lesson plans with the online and offline activities are really good, It made it easy for the children to understand our goals.” Katarina Lantz-Dretnik a teacher in the UK said. 

What can your CodeMonkey do? Find out at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th and online at playcodemonkey.com 

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