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ISTE 2018: This Teacher and His Startup Have Solved The Effort Conundrum

e4effort-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: This Teacher and His Startup Have Solved The Effort ConundrumE4Effort Is Just What Teachers Have Been Looking For When It Comes To Effort

Effort is often overlooked but in K-12 education it’s very important. We aren’t talking about participation trophies for soccer we’re talking about real life shaping lessons in self esteem and showing parents that their kids are at least putting in an effort.

When we spoke with Leon Boler, the founder of E4Effort, first at FETC in Orlando and then again in Texas at TCEA we were intrigued by exactly what he was doing. He has developed a platform that helps teachers recognize the effort students are actually putting in. As Boler explained a parent would much rather know that their student is putting forth an effort and not grasping the material, rather than goofing off in the back of the room.

“If the student is making an effort that’s a great starting point” Boler explained. Adding that as a teacher if he knows the student wants to learn he may spend extra time with them and can make recommendations that parents are more receptive too.

With the app that Boler has created, the efforts of all students in the classroom can be easily tracked and measured. Teachers can quickly see who they need to call on next for an answer or notate that a student has fallen asleep in the classroom.

With e4effort, one of the main focuses is positive reinforcement for kids to actively participate. There are plenty of apps out there to help keep track of the bad stuff, and interventions. e4effort is the first app to really help teachers manage effort, participation and collaboration.

Last month at FETC teachers who went and spoke with Boler at the e4effort booth, instantly got what the app was all about. It’s an app that teachers have been waiting for, for years.

E4Effort helps teacher score students in four main areas:

  • Are they ready?
  • Do they pay attention?
  • Stay on task?
  • Behave decently?

With , E4Effort teachers finally have a tool in their arsenal that is able to improve participation and make students more tentative to the discussion. With E4Effort teachers can hold students accountable to how active they are in class, and at the same time bring even introverted students out of their shells and into the discussion.

Students become involved in theE4Effort process with classroom recognition. The recognition category within the app gives all students their chance to be publicly praised and awarded. Naturally this gamifies E4Effort to a degree where all students want to do the best they can for their E4Effort scores. Unlike other classroom metrics, all students have to do to get good marks is show an effort.

The video above, from FETC 2018, shows why teachers everywhere are excited about e4effort and why you should make plans to visit with them at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th and online at