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ISTE 2018: Explore Learning’s Reflex Puts Fun Back Into Math Facts

reflexmath-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Explore Learning's Reflex Puts Fun Back Into Math FactsReflex, By Explore Learning, Is The Best Math Fact System Available and It’s Fun

Explore Learning is known for their Gizmos, a collection of hundreds of activities that teachers can quickly implement in the classroom to make science, math and other skills, more interactive and fun. Through Gizmos teachers can offer experiments and other interactive activities that are typically limited in their current school settings.

Explore Learning is also known for their Reflex math system a fun and interactive math fact system that has students learning their math facts quickly and without a bunch of handouts and worksheets.

It’s been proven that math facts create math fluency and math fluency builds confidence. Teachers everywhere know this. That confidence built through math fluency and math facts transcends to the whole student. Math facts are a very valuable part of learning.

The Reflex Math Facts system is the most effective math fact system available. At the same time it’s the most fun. Math facts are more than just drills and Explore Learning has created a fast paced games and rewards system that tracks effort and progress. The Reflex system is also standards aligned and has had proven success in Special Ed classrooms which gives higher achievement for special education students which creates far less anxiety.

For teachers and administrators one of the best parts about the Reflex Math system is that it’s adaptive and individualized. The system continuously monitors each students performance creating the optimal experience for each student, every time they turn it on. Teachers can see how students are progressing as a class and individually with intuitive and powerful reporting.

Reflex has also proven to be effective in every grade level it’s been implemented in. For instance in 6th grade, students who used the Reflex system grew an average of 7.9 points on the Measures of Academic Progress math test in four months compared to the national average of 3 points. That’s over double.

You can explore Explore Learning and the Reflex system at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2244 and online at reflexmath.com

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