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ISTE 2018 Preview: The Graide Network Is A Great Way To Close The Feedback Loop

graidenetwork-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: The Graide Network Is A Great Way To Close The Feedback LoopThe Graide Network Offers A Unique Feedback Option For Students, and Improves Writing Across Curriculum

We’ve talked about this before but if you were to ask a room full of teachers one thing that they could really use, it would be a teacher’s assistant. Many teachers don’t feel like they have the time in the day to work with each and every one of their students as closely as they would like. One of the things teacher’s feel like they want to provide more of, is feedback.

Teachers often times want to give as much feedback as possible to the students in their classes to help them improve and learn even more however crowded classes, lower budgets and not enough hours in the day mean that teachers just can’t provide all of the feedback they want. So more times than not a teachers feedback is limited to a sentence or two on the top part of a paper.

Chicago based edtech startup The Graide Network, is doing something awesome for students and teachers. The company has set up a platform where teachers can outsource their grading and feedback to student teachers. This gives students the opportunity to get feedback from a different voice. It gives the student teachers real world experience grading and giving feedback, and a little extra money. For the teacher, it frees up valuable time that can be spent on developing more material, lesson planning or even family time.

It works in four easy steps:

  • Post: Teachers post detailed information about their assignment, class, grading, instructions, due date and the rubric.
  • Match: The Graide Network matches teachers with the best graider for their assignment.
  • Grade: Teachers upload student work and the chosen graider grades and returns the work with detailed individual and class feedback reports
  • Review: Teachers review the work, download the grades for their gradebooks and return the feedback reports to students.

Graiders are pre-service teachers, undergrad and graduate teaching students.

For the aspiring teachers they are getting a hands on look at real student work, outside of the in classroom training. A Graider may get an eighth grade assignment one week, and an 11th grade World Civilization assignment the next.  It helps them develop their own style of grading based on the“7 Hallmarks of Effective Feedback.”  Graiders can also use their portfolio rank and feedback as a resume item.

The Graide Network is a free service to teachers. The service is paid for by the schools and districts as a professional development tool and it costs much less than hiring 30-40 teacher’s assistants every year, a savings schools and districts need as education budgets are squeezed tightly.

The best part is that the Graiders are vetted. They’re either very new teachers or people in college studying to be teachers. The Graiders are getting real life experience, while the teachers are getting valuable free time and a second set of eyes on the assignments.

Your teachers and students deserve The Graide Network. Find out more at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion, Booth #1644 and online at thegraidenetwork.com 

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