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ISTE 2018 Preview: Hamilton Buhl Knows STEM, STEAM and EdTech

hamiltonbuhl-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Hamilton Buhl Knows STEM, STEAM and EdTechFrom Circuits To Robots, Headphones To Microphones Hamilton Buhl Knows STEM, STEAM and EdTech

Preparing students for college and for the real world is more hands on than ever. Today’s college and university classes aren’t what they were just a few years ago. Students need technical skills. They need to be innovative, creative and collaborative or they’re going to be left behind. That’s why a solid, technology infused education at the K-12 level that incorporates a stringent STEAM/STEM program, is of the utmost importance.

The first problem with this is that teachers didn’t learn these same skills as students, not in grade school and not in college. The second problem is access to the equipment, the technology and the products, that teachers and schools need to create these great programs and environments.

Hamilton Buhl is a one stop shop for teachers, educators, administrators, implementors and edtech buyers to go to one place, have one point of contact and create the most learning conducive, STEAM/STEM infused environments for their students. Hamilton Buhl is committed to never ending learning innovation.

Hamilton Buhl has everything under the sun when it comes to technology in education. Whether you’re looking for the latest corded or Bluetooth headphones to new projectors they carry it all. But when you peel back the obvious a/v technology they carry you’ll find the widest array of STEM/STEAM products.

The company carries 3D printers, robots, circuit kits and all in one kits for schools so they get everything they need to start a STEM/STEAM program or a maker space. Then, Hamilton Buhl goes above and beyond and carries all the parts schools will need a la carte. If your maker space is running out of blue filament, Hamilton Buhl has it. If you’re looking for wires, VR or microscopes Hamilton Buhl has that as well. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for they’re an email or a phone call away.

When you’re looking for technology, STEM/STEAM products for your school, you’ll find the latest innovation at Hamilton Buhl, not leftovers from 2015.

Hamilton Buhl isn’t some off-shoot off another technology company, they’re committed to education technology, AV and STEM and STEAM for school all the way around. You’ll get lost (in a good way) on their website or at their booth at ISTE 2018 in Chicago June 24-28th, booth #1736 and you can find them online at hamiltonbuhl.com 

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