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ISTE 2018: Hatch Knows Early Learning

hatch-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Hatch Knows Early LearningHatch Designs Innovative Technology Powering Today’s Early Learning Classrooms

Whether you’re looking for the perfect design for your next early learning classroom or innovative technology based solutions to captivate the minds of early learners, Hatch is the company to turn to. For over thirty years the team at Hatch has been delivering turn key classroom solutions designed by early learning experts to fit the unique needs of early learning programs.

Hatch isn’t one of those companies that just does early learning as an aside, their entire team is focused on what’s best for our youngest learners. A classroom configuration ideal for second graders isn’t the same as one designed for pre-k and Hatch knows that.

Hatch’s technology products capture the attention of early learners through technology and the power of play. At the same time Hatch technology helps early learners build up the necessary skills they need for kindergarten and beyond and provide important assessment information to their teachers.

iStartSmart is Hatch’s computer and tablet system. The system features “oops proof” hardware designed for the bumps, drops, spills and sticky fingers that come hand in hand with early learning. The Hatch computer and Hatch tablet give early learners access to the Hatch app and a fun educational platform for children.

Hatch Technology features:

  • Developmental learning activities
  • Dual Language Support
  • Instructional Decision Making
  • Research based software
  • Professional Development for teachers
  • Administrator Management and progress reporting
  • Ongoing updates made easy
  • Great customer and tech support

Hatch Early Learning and Teaching Strategies have partnered together to create HatchSync powered by GOLD®, a simple way to capture documentation through the results of a child’s independent play. HatchSync powered by GOLD® is an innovative assessment tool that allows teachers to collect over 2,800 pieces of documentation per year!

The other great thing about Hatch is they know how important their role is in education. With the Hatch system it’s not set it and forget it. There are resources for ongoing professional development as well as Hatch trained staff always on stand by when teachers have a problem be it with the technology or the curriculum.

If you’re in early education you need to make it a point to stop by Hatch Early Learning at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2362 and find them online at hatchearlylearning.com.

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