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Creating A Maker Space? Who You Gonna Call? Maker Maven

makermaven-iste2018-top Creating A Maker Space? Who You Gonna Call? Maker MavenISTE 2018 Preview: If Maker Busters Was A Thing They Would Be, Maker Maven

If your school doesn’t already have a maker space, chances are it’s in the budget or plans for next year. If you’re one of those lucky schools that’s planning on a maker space for the 2018-2019 school year you’re probably searching Google, going to conferences and looking everywhere for everything you need to outfit that maker space.

Well Maker Maven has your back.

Texas edtech startup Maker Maven is your one stop shop for everything you need for your school’s maker space. The entire maker space concept is new and the Maker Maven team knows that which means that when you need help deciding just what to outfit your maker space with their friendly staff can help.

Maker Maven wants teachers and student to be able to Unbox and Start Making™ that’s why their curated kits have everything needed to jump in and get started. They’ve partnered with some of the premiere companies in the STEM/STEAM space. For instance Maker Maven’s Ultimate Maker Kit Plus includes Sphero SPRK robots, Ozobots, Bloxels, Scribbler 3D pens, Makedo, Makey Makey, Buddha Board, Strawbees, Google Cardboard, and more. Maker Maven even provides ideas and guides for teachers and students to get started.

“We’ve partnered with the best companies in STEAM education to provide you with a variety of high tech and low tech maker activities suited for learners of all ages. Our STEAM based activities encourage creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking which are all essential skills needed for 21st century learning. Our curriculum-friendly task cards provide guidance for both learners and facilitators.” the company said.

For teachers that aren’t too sure what to do next, Maker Maven offers customized professional development sessions that cover everything from starting a maker space to in depth looks at projects students can make. Their professional development sessions are hands on and immersive allowing teachers to have a better understanding of what to do next.

Whether you need to outfit a full maker space or it’s time to reload your supplies or get a few new STEM/STEAM toys, Maker Maven is the place to go. You can talk with their maker space experts at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2095 and check them out online at makermaven.net

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