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ISTE 2018 Preview: Front Of The Room Collaboration At It’s Finest, mcSquares

mcSquares Is An Amazingly Collaborative Front Of Room Board, And It’s Not Digital.

When you think of collaboration at the front of the classroom you often turn to a digital, interactive display a la CleverTouch or SMART, but there’s an amazingly collaborative front of the room board that’s completely analog, and it goes by the name mcSquares.

Now if you’ve been to any major edtech conference in the last year or so and saw pretty artwork at the mcSquares booth, chances are it’s the work of our now 10 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F. mcSquares is her favorite of all edtech booths. The company is pronounced M.C. Squares (like MC Hammer) and not Mick like jagger.

mcSquares is made out of mini white boards that when connected create one big white board. This allows students, colleagues and coworkers to work on their own contribution to the bigger picture. If students and teachers decide their part fits somewhere else each block can be moved around the magnetic board. Collaboration reaches new heights without actual technology.

Each mcSquare comes with popular templates for things you would find on a white board. The inside of the square is magnetic and makes it easy to stash both the eraser and the dry erase markers.

mcsquares-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Front Of The Room Collaboration At It's Finest, mcSquares

“mcSquares has really revolutionized how we do skills practice in the classroom, we don’t use pencil and paper anymore…mcSquares has allowed us to work independently but also to share out publicly, and collaboratively with each other in class… It’s next level as far as skills practice in a 21st century classroom.” Michael Cammilleri a 1st grade teacher at Ashley Elementary School said on mcSquares website.

Of course a system like mcSquares is perfect for the board room and for startups as well. Business people can work on their own contribution to a big project and then put the squares together to show how the whole project works. The possibilities with mcSquares are only limited to the users creativity, but with a bunch of users working in tandem, the possibilities become limitless.

One of the best parts about mcSquares is how teachers can take each students contribution and move it around until there’s one flowing story, drawing, piece of art or lesson. With mcSquares you can take collaboration in your classroom to new heights.

Check them out at ISTE 2018 in Chicago June 24-28th, booth #2085 and find them online at mcsquares.com 

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