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ISTE 2018 Preview: MoxieReader Is Turning Kids Into Independent Readers

moxiereader-iste18-top ISTE 2018 Preview: MoxieReader Is Turning Kids Into Independent ReadersKids Love The MoxieReader Platform and That’s Important

We spend a lot of time talking about edtech products on nibletz.com. In most cases we report on edtech products, both software and hardware, that teachers, administrators and implementors love. Sure we come across the trifecta where parents may love a product as well, but the most important user is the end user, the student or the kid. In the case of MoxieReader, this New York based startup has created a reading platform that inspires independent reading, and kids love it.

MoxieReader, an NYU Steinhardt Edtech Startup, has created the fastest growing online student reading community, student being the operative word. Kids get engaged quickly with MoxieReader because it allows them to; create reading resumes, find, recommend and review books, hit and share personal reading goals with other kids. The world becomes their reading environment and they can share their challenges and successes.

MoxieReader solves the challenge of personalizing reading practice, for students, teachers and principals. What we like most about MoxieReader vs other reading platforms is that the student is the focus.

With MoxieReader students:

  • Set, track and hit personalized reading goals
  • Develop their own reading record
  • Browse and choose books to read later
  • Create, view and share peer book recommendations and reviews

The reading community built for students is also the best way for educators to help their students become independent readers.

With MoxieReader teachers can:

  • Review student reading, progress and growth
  • Connect reading at school and at home
  • Share recommendations and reviews

The comprehensive MoxieReader teacher dashboard keeps teachers up to date with their students’ progress in real time.

See the difference putting the student first in the reading program makes with MoxieReader. Meet them at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th in the AT&T Edtech Startup Pavilion and online at moxiereader.com

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