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ISTE 2018 Preview: Is Your EdTech Working For You? PAPERbasket Can Tell You

paperbasket-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Is Your EdTech Working For You? PAPERbasket Can Tell YouPAPERbasket Is The First EdTech Tool That Can Help You Measure The Effectiveness Of All Your Other EdTech Tools

How’s the ROI on your edtech platform roll out? From software to cloud-based platforms are your teachers, administrators and students actually utilizing the tools that you’ve purchased for them. Are the tools you’ve purchased really affecting student outcomes? If they’re being under-utilized chances are they aren’t. Until now there hasn’t been a platform that really tracks exactly how effective your edtech tools are.

PAPERbasket is a first of it’s kind platform that tracks the usage of all of your edtech tools regardless of the publisher, developer or the way they’re installed.

They’ve developed a patent pending method for distinguishing active vs inactive use. PAPERbasket gives schools and districts an accurate picture of real usage. PAPERbasket is the first system that can track usage across all systems. That’s because PAPERbasket is a device enabled tracking solution regardless of the device being used.

PAPERbasket can track:

  • All websites
  • Locally run software
  • Tracks off school network
  • Meausres active usage

The Active Usage Advantage

PAPERbasket tracks real accurate usage. Students are smart and when it comes to technology most students are smarter than your average teacher or even the IT implementor. That IT implementor was the student just a few years ago that knew all the tricks. Most students know when their usage is being tracked so they may open up the math platform on their Chromebook, leave the window open and spend the rest of the class on Facebook or watching Lil Pump videos. With PAPERbasket’s patent pending technology they can tell when students are doing just that, eliminating false positives that students, and publishers don’t want you to see.

With this real accurate usage tracking schools and districts can make data based decisions based on how systems and tools are being used. Maybe that student that minimized the math platform got done in 3 minutes and didn’t want you to know. It’s a simple shift-tab to go between the window they want to see and the window they’re supposed to be on. Maybe the tool is too easy for your students. With PAPERbasket you’ll know that within weeks or even days of implementation.

PAPERbasket wasn’t designed to “bust” students that aren’t working in class it was designed to help schools and districts to better utilize their resources and make better data based decisions.

Talk with PAPERbasket about the tools you’re using and how they can help you determine if students are actually using them, at ISTE 2018. You’ll find them in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion, booth #1644 and online at paperbasket.com 

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