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ISTE 2018 Preview: More Responses, More Engagement, Bigger Voice, That’s Pear Deck

peardeck-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: More Responses, More Engagement, Bigger Voice, That's Pear DeckEngage Every Student, Every Day, With Pear Deck

If there’s one thing for sure when it comes to K-12 education, it’s that every single student is different in their own unique way. Billy may not be as socially active as Lisa. Kimberly may be book smart but struggle in open classroom situations. Michael may have a great family life while Jennifer may not. But when they’re you’re in your class they’re your kids, at least for a portion of the day.

Teachers want to engage with each and every one of their students, they want them to participate. Teachers want Mark to come out of his shell and they may want Christene to tone it down a notch. All in all though they want 100% participation and engagement regardless of age, ability or what’s going on in their lives or minds.

Pear Deck makes that engagement much easier. Pear Deck is a tool that drives engagement and was designed by educators who know that students feel more engaged in material relevant to their lives and who feel a sense of belonging. Pear Deck is designed to immerse the students in the material and they make it easy for teachers. Pear Deck drives participation and according to the Stanford University Teaching Commons:

“Students learn more when they participate in the process of learning, whether it’s through discussion, practice, review, or application.”

Using Pear Deck, all of the students in class can join the teachers live presentation no matter what device their on. This makes it perfect for 1:1 classrooms and for BYOD classrooms, without the need to spend precious class time explaining to students how to participate.

Students don’t have to raise their hands to participate in the lesson, everything is right on their screen. Teachers control the way the material is presented and how fast it moves. Now, teachers can be sure that every student has grasped each part of the lesson before moving on.  With Pear Deck student responses are anonymous which makes participating far less intimidating. It also means that every single person in the class will be thinking and engaging.

Pear Deck also includes a suite of tools for the teacher to add interactive questions, extra art, interactive animations and more, right within the system.

Teachers can decide which parts of the lesson or presentation are shown on the smart board or class projector. There’s also a question component within Pear Deck so students can ask questions about the material or teachers can ask questions to the students to see how well they grasped it.

After the lessons are completed all of the student’s material is saved in their own individual Google Docs account. This means that teachers can go back and work with students 1:1 with the material. Students can also share the material with their parents showing their responses, the lesson questions and the correct answers if they got them incorrect.

At the start of this school year Pear Deck introduced Pear Deck for Google Slides. Now there’s no need to toggle between Google Slides and slides created in Pear Deck. With the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, teachers can create their Pear Deck slides right in Google Slides giving them the same creative tools in an environment that they’re used to.

With the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on teachers can add their interactive questions and formative assessments throughout slide deck, right on the Add-ons Menu

Pear Deck is a really cool technology tool for teachers to use but at the root of it all is that Pear Deck is driving engagement and participation in ways no other tool can. Find out more at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2602 and online at peardeck.com

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