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ISTE 2018 Preview: Robo 3D, One Company For All Your 3D Printing Needs

img_0065 ISTE 2018 Preview: Robo 3D, One Company For All Your 3D Printing NeedsRobo 3D Provides The Best 3D Printers For Education And A Team To Back It.

3-D printing an education can be a somewhat costly endeavor. Schools everywhere want to ensure that students have access to 3-D printing. 3-D printing is fun for Proto typing, entrepreneursh, class science class and more. The 3-D printer allow students to see things created from computer to actual physical thing in ways that students could never see before.

3-D printing is also valuable in math class students can use CAD and other software that determines measurements and beyond to bring products and creations to scale. Students can use 3-D printer to build bridges, ramps, pulleys and other simple machines. In some schools, students have taken to fixing things by creating parts on their 3D printers.

But 3D printing comes at a cost. Schools want all students to have access to 3-D printers and the cost for that can add up. A company called Robo 3-D has created a state of the art 3-D printer that’s both easy to use and economical in the classroom.

Teachers love Robo 3-D printers because of their easy to use dashboard and their integration with Google Chromebooks. Robo 3D also has an iPad app that means students can use the 3-D printer from their seat. They’ve made it super easy to take ideas from idea to physical product using a Robo 3-D printer.

One of the best parts about Robo 3-D is the commitment to education. All of their staff is trained to speak with educators and teachers in the classroom when even the littlest thing goes wrong with the robot 3-D printer.

Robo 3D has a section dedicated on their website specifically to lesson plans and ideas that can be created with the Robo 3-D printer. There’s also a community of teachers that are using Robo 3-D printers in their classrooms every day and are willing to talk to other teachers about the experience of 3-D printing in the classroom.

When it’s time to order new supplies or parts for the Robo 3-D printer in the classroom the company has simplify the process ensuring that students always have access to a working 3-D printer and the supplies they need to bring their creations to life.

Learn more about Robo 3D at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #2290 and online at Robo3d.com

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    Thanks so much for the article. We are very driven to providing educators with the RIGHT solution to bring 3D printing to the classroom. We have some exciting stuff coming up and can’t wait to share it with teachers around the world.

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