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ISTE 2018 Preview: Sero Is The Future Of Knowledge Assessment

serolearn-iste20180-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Sero Is The Future Of Knowledge AssessmentStop Doubling Back To Old School Assessment Platforms and Meet Sero

For decades assessment has been flawed. When it was paper and pen (or #2 pencil) and a bubble sheet used for assessment teachers were only taking a little peak into what a student really knows.

The paper and pen assessment paradigm has always been flawed. It allows students to simply study directly for the test. It promotes guessing and doesn’t properly gauge a students grasp of the actual content. The old way of testing and assessment simply doesn’t give teachers or even students, enough insight.

A new knowledge assessment platform called Sero is going to take everything you thought you knew about assessment and throw it out the window.

With Sero teachers can assess conceptual knowledge, discover problem areas and go beyond basic mapping. That’s because Sero is a state of the art concept mapping and knowledge assessment platform. While traditional testing and assessment can quickly gauge right or wrong answers, Sero taps into the higher order of thinking skills that are difficult to assess by other means. Sero reveals the concepts and their relationships that underly how well people know their stuff. Using Sero you’ll know if your students actually understand the material or just found the answer in a text book and retained it for assessment time.

Sero is also preparing students for the real world and careers where actual concept knowledge may be a key factor in getting a job, a promotion or just staying employed.

Sero uses advanced visual analytics to provide deep insight into knowledge and comparisons with peers. It’s powered by Ex API integrates and selection platforms with an interactive enjoyable experience.

You spend all year teaching your students, with Sero you’ll get a much better picture of their knowledge. Find out about the future of knowledge assessment, at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion, booth #1644 and online at serolearn.com 

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