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ISTE 2018 Preview: Strawbees Uses Hardware And Software To Cultivate Invention and More

strawbees-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Strawbees Uses Hardware And Software To Cultivate Invention and MoreStrawbees Is The Future Of Learning

When children take a screw driver to their parents electronics it’s not typically meant to be destructive behavior. In fact it’s quite the opposite according to Jay Silver who asks an important question, “How can we read and write human made stuff”. From stereos to toasters, websites to apps it’s natural for humans to want to cultivate our ability to look at objects, computer programs and other stuff, just to grasp what they are about. It’s a child, or a students, natural inquisitive nature.

Strawbees isn’t just another coding STEM/STEAM company. Their company is made up of true educators that take a deep rooted approach to harnessing the power of the inquisitive mind, both of a student and a teacher. For Strawbees, coding, creating and making things is just part of natural learning and to do that they’ve created both software and hardware that’s just as fun to teach as it is to learn.

Their hardware includes a unique circuit board, a rechargeable battery LEDs and a solid servo motor. Their hardware offers; pre-programmed settings for quick and easy exploration of movement with even younger children. Their hardware is also super flexible which means there are endless and unlimited coding and electronics possibilities for older children.

Their software platform runs the gamut of coding from introduction and instruction to novice programming. Like many, it starts with a block programming environment and graduates the user (child or student) to an advanced, text based coding methodology.

“Programming is a way to frame and express a problem in such a way that we can use a computer to help us solve it.” the company says on their website. 

Strawbees also knows that to get coding and making into the classroom it needs to be affordable. We’ve talked at length about how some coding and making programs are cost prohibitive. With Strawbees, they package their hardware into a wide variety of kits including: maker kit, inventor kit, imagination kit, creature kit, crazy science kit, and a coding and robotics kit. Their kits start at just $19.99 and work their way up.

They’ve packaged up some education bundles that are ready to go for a whole classroom as well including a STEAM school kit and a coding and robotics school bundle.  All of their kits can be found here. 

You can chat with the team from Strawbees at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #467 and experience the Strawbees difference. You can also check them out online at strawbees.com 

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