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ISTE 2018 Preview: Put What You’re Studying To Music With Studytracks

studytracks-iste2018-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Put What You're Studying To Music With StudytracksMusic Makes It Easier To Learn, That’s Why There’s Studytracks

When you were in elementary school how did you learn the names of the bones in the body? Was it through a song? “your hip bones connected to your thigh bone, your thigh bone’s connected to your…”. Students everywhere remember that song, and the anatomy they learned with it. Did you master how a bill becomes a law by watching, listening and singing with School House Rock? Well that’s what London edtech startup, Studytracks is doing.

The Studytracks app was created by musician and producer George Hammond-Hagan when his own son was struggling with studying for school. Hammond Hagan, who’s worked with a variety of artists, including Mark Morrison, decided to try setting the material his son was studying to music styles that his son liked. After listening just a few times, the son went into school and was raising his hand more often, having mastered the material from the music. After proving he was onto something Hammond-Hagan embarked on taking this concept to students on a much larger scale. Now over 150,000 teachers are using the platform.

Studytracks app puts core syllabus to music at a variety of grade levels and for a variety of subjects. Using music to drive engagement also drives retention and attainment in, and out of the classroom. Imagine it’s time to cram for a final in biology class. What if there was a catchy song your students could listen to, while riding their bikes, or skateboarding or even riding the bus home from school. Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to remember the words from a Snoop Dogg song over the same chapter of a book you’ve read thirty times? It’s the way the content is delivered, and that’s the secret sauce behind Studytracks.

Studytracks has over 600 lessons set to contemporary style music already available on their app. The app on the student side allows them to listen to whatever lesson they are supposed to be working on and go back and listen to previous lessons. On the teacher side, teachers can track a students progress or the whole class. They can track usage, performance and results. Teacher’s can create playlists for one student or the whole class and even create tests and quizzes.

You can learn more about Studytracks at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th Booth #2094 and online at studytracks.education 

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