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In This Day and Age Vernier Has Made Traditional Science, Really Cool

vernier-iste2018-top In This Day and Age Vernier Has Made Traditional Science, Really CoolISTE 2018 Preview: With All Of The Robots, STEM and STEAM, Vernier Continues To Make Traditional Science Cool.

When our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum F interviewed Vernier at TCEA earlier this year, they told her that they’ve been around longer than the original Apple II. That’s a long time and a lot of science. Over the years the company has innovated with technology along with what kids are used to and exposed to. Bunsen Burners and test tubes have made way for windmills and sensors, and technology that’s given students unprecedented access to information and to science.

Vernier has been a trusted name in bringing hands on science to classrooms since 1981. Today, that looks a lot different than what it did just ten short years ago.

Vernier’s latest impactful technology for the classroom (and even for homeschool students) is their line of Go Direct sensors that measure everything from force, to oxygen, wind energy to voltage and much much more. Using Go Direct sensors, students in grade school can do experiments that you used to need labs and thousands of dollars in machinery to do. Today, PH meters and accelerometers that easily connect to a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook, allow students in grades K-12 to do experiments and find data that would have previously required at least a college grad laboratory.

Earlier this year at TCEA Vernier announced 15 new sensors that are part of the company’s Go Direct line. Go Direct sensors bypass the need for any extra connectivity by connecting directly to smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. The newest sensors include: an Acceleration Sensor, CO₂ Gas Sensor, Current Probe, EKG Sensor, Energy Sensor, Glass-Body pH Sensor, Motion Detector,O₂ Gas Sensor, Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe, Respiration Belt, Rotary Motion Sensor, Sensor Cart, Surface Temperature Probe, Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor, and Wide-Range Temperature Probe, in addition to others.

Verniers has easy to use sensors, devices and solutions that inspire science curiosity in students around the globe. They also sponsor events that promote science to grade school students like the recent kidwindchallenge.

Vernier also knows students and how to relate to them. At TCEA earlier this year Vernier’s Jake Hopkins took Tatum F through a 50 minute science lesson showing off everything from force to acceleration and even wind power. Using the Go Direct sensors Tatum was able to run across a conference room at full speed and track the movement. She was able to build a windmill and see how changing the number of panels affected the energy produced and crashed a toy car into a wall, showing the force of the hit.

You can see all of their latest equipment and Go Direct Sensors at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1144 and online at vernier.com

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