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ISTE 2018: Teachers Who Want To Make Extra Money Can Teach English With VIPKID

vipkid-iste2018-top ISTE 2018: Teachers Who Want To Make Extra Money Can Teach English With VIPKIDVIPKID Is Using American Teachers To Teach Kids In Other Countries English, On Their Own Schedule

VIPKID is a unique online platform that is helping students in China learn to speak English. Teachers from America use the VIPKID curriculum, pick their own schedules and teach students English online. It’s an amazing platform and a great way for American teachers to make extra money. But don’t just take our word for it, Forbes Magazine rated VIPKID #1 on their “Top 100 Work From Home Companies”.

So why would a distance learning company that teaches English to students in other countries be attending ISTE. First off they’re exposing one of the greatest online platforms for learning English on the global stage that is ISTE. Also, they’re a great way for teachers to subsidize their income. With VIPKID teachers can truly create their own schedule and teach.

With VIPKID teachers enjoy flexibility, skip lesson plans and grading and most of all have fun while making extra income.

Today, VIPKID is serving 32 countries with 30,000 teachers and over 200,000 students.

The company was founded by Cindy Mi a Chinese native who did whatever she could to teach herself English. She told that she would take her lunch money and buy audio cassettes and magazines to teach herself English. As she learned more and more English she began tutoring and with that tutoring came the notion for VIPKID.

It wasn’t always easy though, For the first year “…all we did was pilot our program so we could develop the best curriculum, figure out the best way to work with teachers, and come up with the best platform.” Mi told 

Today, students that want to learn English or who need to learn English can turn to VIPKID with the same flexibility that teachers have.

American English Teaching With Global Appeal

VIPKID is using teachers from countries all over the world. That means that at anytime day or night, there is another teacher and another student going through the exact same thing. With students taking classes at anytime day or night it means that a teacher on hiatus from teaching in Alaska can easily teach on VIPKID as well as a teacher in New York City holding down three jobs to make ends meet. It doesn’t matter for the teachers if you’re teaching at 5am before classes or 9pm after a long day.

Teachers are raving about the opportunity to teach hungry students English with VIPKID you can see what it’s all about at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28th, booth #1330 and online at

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