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ISTE 2017: ABCMouse Gets Even More Teacher Friendly

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ABCMouseforschools-top ISTE 2017: ABCMouse Gets Even More Teacher Friendly

ABCMouse has been a staple in the lives of children for years. Our 9 year old edtech reporter remembers ABCMouse commercials from “when she was a kid”. ABCMouse has over 8500 learning based activities for early elementary.

All of ABCMouse’s content is created in house by their group of award winning writers, designers, singers, animators and performers. From start to finish ABCMouse has complete control over each and every piece of content that children enjoy.

“Love the progressive activities! I don’t have to take the time to search for activities for my 3–year–old, and my 5–year–old just follows along when she’s playing by herself… So I know everyone’s doing the right things for their ages!” Crystal, a parent of a 3 and 5 year old, says on the ABCmouse website.

A favorite by parents and teachers everywhere, ABCmouse continues to upgrade and innovate their e-learning curriculum just in time for the 2017-18 school year. The latest upgrades make it easy for teachers to incorporate ABCmouse’s Early Learning Academy into their daily instruction and administrators to monitor and see the results.

bloxles2-e1498446454335 ISTE 2017: ABCMouse Gets Even More Teacher Friendly“ABCmouse has created fabulous opportunities for students to engage in learning while having fun,” said Norma Spencer, Principal of Dr. Theodore T. Alexander, Jr. Science Center School in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). “I am ecstatic about our students being able to enjoy this amazing experience at home and over the summer by logging in to the site. This extra feature will help our students retain important literacy skills that are sometimes lost over the summer.”

With Teacher Experience, teachers can monitor students progress individually and as a class. They get a dashboard snapshot of where each student is and they can even monitor the ABCMouse activities their students are doing at home. We talked with ABCMouse Head of Teacher Experience and Global Schools, Joel Kupperstein at ISTE 2017 who explained that now teachers can utilize ABCMouse for full lessons. Teachers have a playlist feature that allows them to search for content by subject matter and then put together a playlist for their students.

Tatum got a chance to talk with Joel as well. Check out their interview below:

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