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ISTE 2017: Legends Of Learning Games Are Well, Legendary

banner ISTE 2017: Legends Of Learning Games Are Well, LegendaryISTE ’17: Everything You Ever Needed To Know For Middle School Science Found In Games

LOL-top ISTE 2017: Legends Of Learning Games Are Well, Legendary

Legends Of Learning is an e-games platform specifically catering to middle school science. If that sounds like a small feat, well you must be mistaken. The platform houses over 1000 games into three science categories; earth science, life science and physical science. Once a teacher heads through one of the categories there are tons of games that cover all of the topics in that category.

We checked out the earth science category and found a number of great games under the heading “solar system”. There games that led the student through basic instruction and exciting video games that let the student travel through space. The games were on par with space games you would find on other non educational platforms.

Essentially, Legends of Learning is like Steam for educational games but goes well beyond that. Teachers sign up for Legends of Learning and they can go through, play and try out any game they want. Then they can decide which games they want to share with their students. Teachers can even create a playlist of games so that they can have all the games they want to go along with their lesson material, at their fingertips.

rug-ed-iste-banner ISTE 2017: Legends Of Learning Games Are Well, LegendaryOnce the kids are playing, teachers will be able to assess their students’ grasp of each concept and see how far along they are in the e-game system. They will also be able to see if the students need help and where exactly that help is needed.

Each game features a game curriculum section which details things like vocabulary, concept and standard that will be covered in each game. The curriculum section also offers discussion questions for before and after the students play each game. All of this ties right back into each individual game.

LOL-GameCurriculum ISTE 2017: Legends Of Learning Games Are Well, LegendaryLearning, authenticity and game play are equally important to founder Vadim Polkov. He explained that all of the games have an important, but quick ratings system at the end. Those ratings are crucial to how much each developer is actually paid for their work. Polkov also only works with developers who have an eye and an ear for only the best customer service. The company told us about how one developer got some critical feedback of their game and went back and rewrote the entire thing. It’s that kind of commitment to user experience that drives Legends of Learning.

Content and user experience are of the utmost importance at Legends of Learning. Polkov and his team want to make sure that the game play is authentic. They really couldn’t have picked a harder group of students to please with their initial roll out. Middle school students are often critical of anything and everything. These students are also playing Call of Duty, Minecraft, WoW and many other popular games. Legends of Learning wants to make sure they can keep that student’s attention and keep him/her learning.

Even with all that in mind, Legends of Learning has been able to curate over 1000 great titles from developers like Unity, Filament Games and many others. Teachers can dive right in, right now at 

Check out our quick interview video below with our 9 year old edtech reporter and Polkov.