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ISTE 17: QuickKey Is The Quickest Way To Grade

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 17: QuickKey Is The Quickest Way To GradeISTE 2017: Boston Area Middle School Teacher’s Viral Grading App Is The Quickest Way To Grade

quickkey-iste2017-top ISTE 17: QuickKey Is The Quickest Way To Grade

Walter Duncan is a middle school English teacher at South Shore Public Charter School outside of Boston Massachusetts. He’s also the co-founder of QuickKey, a mobile grading app that even TechCrunch raved about.“It’s rare to see an app go so viral so quickly and it’s a testament to the dedication of a group of teachers and entrepreneurs that they’ve been able to go from zero to viral in a few short hours.”

After Duncan created QuickKey, he wanted 100 teachers to test it, so he asked a student of his to help him create a YouTube video. That YouTube video went viral in just a few short hours.

Duncan, who’s been teaching for nearly two decades, has taught in inner city districts in Detroit, DC, LA, Brooklyn and Boston. He also created the popular Facebook group, Teacher’s Round Table. He’s one of those guys that’s passionate about teaching and about his students. That’s why his team created QuickKey, to give teachers more time to teach, and valuable feedback.

quickkey-iste2017-2 ISTE 17: QuickKey Is The Quickest Way To GradeQuickKey can grade 1:1 device quizzes, Google forms quizzes and ScanTron type bubble sheets in seconds. It uploads the grades to the cloud and then they can be quickly exported to LMS systems like Powerschool and Edmodo.  The app gives teachers back hours per week. Duncan uses those hours to better serve his students. QuickKey can grade a test that 30 students took in less than two minutes. With that kind of turn around time, teachers can turn right around and assess test questions that a number of students may have missed. This kind of immediate feedback is invaluable in today’s classrooms.

The best part is that the basic QuickKey app is free for teachers. This version will allow teachers with a roster of 200 students or less to grade up to 100 papers per month and comes with an abundance of great features. No worries if a teacher has more than 200 students or more than 100 assignments, the next level up, which provides unlimited grading, is just $5 per month, or less than one latte per month, as the company says.

“Quick Key gives you rapid feedback and tracking of student mastery without the expense of buying bubble sheets or student devices, and without upgrading the school wi-fi network.” the company says.

Rave response would be an understatement. Duncan’s initial YouTube video had over 260,000 views in under four hours. He was looking for 100 teachers to sign up for the beta, by the end of the first night he had 1000. The company also raised $100,000 in no time to get the app deployed and working. Now teachers are raving about it.

“Immediate low stakes feedback is a pillar of effective instruction. When students know where they are, and can set personal goals for improvement, and take ownership of their learning.  Quick Key makes this process effortless! And I save a bunch of time to boot! Thank you so much for creating this simple and powerful tool!” Eleanor Crowe Young, the 2013 Teacher of the Year at Blue Ridge Early College in North Carolina said. 

Want to find out more? You can check out QuickKey at the EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #2132 and online at