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ISTE 2017: 1:1 School Districts, AGiRepair Has You Covered

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: 1:1 School Districts, AGiRepair Has You CoveredISTE 2017: Since Devices Have Been In The Classroom, AGiRepair Has Been Protecting Them

AgiRepair-top ISTE 2017: 1:1 School Districts, AGiRepair Has You CoveredWhen AGiRepair started 16 years ago, the iPad, iPhone and Chromebooks weren’t even a thing, but the founders of the company saw an opportunity in creating a repair company that could handle the repairs of fleets of devices. Back then that was no easy task. Devices in the classroom amounted to clunky PCs and if you were lucky a fleet of Macintosh Classics.

Throughout the past 16 years the team behind AGiRepair has remained on the cutting edge of technology. They’ve been able to evolve along with technology, insuring that they can repair the latest devices deployed to schools, universities, retail, warehousing, and businesses everywhere. They’ve also been able to make sure that they stay trained on legacy technology and always have the parts available to fix older devices still deployed.

Their education division is second to none. They know how valuable device time is and promise the quickest turnaround possible. They also provide free shipping to and from their facilities in Pennsylvania and Texas.

AGiRepair Education services every kind of device currently deployed in a K-12 environment. Including all iPads, Macbooks, Macbook Airs, and Macbook Pro Retinas. They offer a flat rate repair cost for iPads, along with AGiProtect. AGiProtect incorporates an AGI certified case for iPads or Macbooks and a comprehensive repair plan with zero dollar deductibles, free accidental repairs and quick turnaround time.  AGI Repair also warranties all of their iPad work for a year.

Their repairs are done in the 84,000 square foot, state of the art repair facility. Their facility features Class 10,000 clean rooms preventing dust and debris from interfering with the repair process. Their specialty is high volume repairs. Whether your school has a single iPad down or 1,000 AGiRepair is equipped to handle the job.

Of course the company repairs and services all Chromebooks with a complete Chromebook parts department. Chromebook repairs include cracked screens, liquid spills, motherboard failures and just about anything else that can go wrong with Chromebooks. They also repair all the latest brands including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba.

“AGiRepair has provided us with timely and valuable service at the best price we could find throughout our entire development as an EDTech school, and their customer service has been equally impressive at all times.” The Prince George’s County MD School District said on AGiRepair’s website.

There are multiple companies to choose from when it comes to device repair. That’s why AGI Repair offers a free trial program where you can try out their entire repair process with a broken screen. They’ll fix the device and you’ll experience the AGI difference.

You can talk with AGiRepair for Education directly at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio Texas, June 25th-28th, booth #654 and online at 

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