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ISTE 2018 Preview: Modern Classroom Collaboration Starts With Airtame

airtame-iste-top ISTE 2018 Preview: Modern Classroom Collaboration Starts With AirtameAirtame Simplifies Screen Sharing For Busy Teachers and Their students

Thirty years ago technology in the classroom looked a lot different than it did today. Handouts were made with that purple ditto ink and maybe there was an Apple II in the corner of the room. Collaboration was forced and often involved really big paper and a bunch of pencils, and of course erasers.

Technology today makes collaboration much easier and collaboration is driving learning in today’s modern students. Kids need to learn how to collaborate with one another to be successful in school and later in life in the work place.

Airtame is a tool that simplifies collaboration by making screen sharing easier. With Airtame the teacher just puts the dongle into the HDMI port of their classroom projector, display panel or television and then they’re in business. Students can download an Airtame app and when it’s their turn they can easily broadcast their screen to the entire class or a smaller group setting.

Airtame is designed to make this screen sharing second nature and something that teachers can tell students to do with minimal assistance but there are some other great features that Airtame has that can be applied in other parts of the school. For instance Airtame is great for visual moving displays and boards. From cafeteria menu boards to information boards welcoming parents into the school. Simply put the Airtime device into the screen and project from a computer or from the device itself.

Airtame has a dynamic background feature that would allow you to display a school information dashboard on your schoolwide displays. It also features a wireless cloud management system that allows teachers or IT staff the ability to monitor all the devices allowed to broadcast onto each Airtame device.

At the end of the school day what teachers and administrators like most about Airtame is ease of use and cost.

Find out more at ISTE 2018, June 24-27th in Chicago, booth #688 and online at airtame.com

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