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Alive Studios Takes Interactive Learning To The Next Level With HP Sprout

ISTE 2017: Alive Studios Engages Students With Augmented Reality


alivestudios-top Alive Studios Takes Interactive Learning To The Next Level With HP SproutAlive Studios creates immersive, interactive augmented reality to teach elementary students math, reading, science, animals and more. They do this through their learning alive kits which come complete with everything a teacher needs to get started except the laptop (no worries you can order one of those from Alive Studios as well)

Each Learning Alive kit comes with an Ipevo (Ziggi) USB camera and extension stand and a USB stick filled with all of the content, lessons and curriculum. The fun comes in the cards that come with each kit. Depending on the curriculum the teacher chooses, the cards could be letters with animals on them or numbers with other illustrations. When the teacher or the students put the cards on the tracking mat and under the camera, the cards come to life.

In Letters Alive each card comes with a letter on it and an animal who’s name begins with that letter. So for example the “E” card has an elephant on that. Sure that’s nothing new you can find 100 decks of flash cards with elephants on them at Barnes and Noble.  But put that card under the camera and the elephant comes alive. The elephant moves, his trunk moves around and he makes that all too familiar, and authentic elephant noise. The cards can be put together to make words. In Learning Alive, word card can be put together to make sentences, and all of it interacts with the kids right before their very eyes.

At ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, Alive Studios will announce even more exciting technology. The Atlanta based AI startup has partnered with HP G2 to make Learning Alive come to life via the Sprout Pro. Sprout Pro is next-generation immersive learning station that features 2D and 3D capture capabilities, dual multi-touch displays, and hi-resolution cameras. Now, it can show off its amazing and highly innovative feature set even more so in the early education space.

alivestudios-2 Alive Studios Takes Interactive Learning To The Next Level With HP Sprout“We’re super-excited to introduce our unique reading and math solutions on the Sprout Pro by HP G2 to early educators!” exclaimed Cynthia B. Kaye, CEO and Chief Zoo Keeper of Alive Studios. This revolutionary new reading solution has also been catching tremendous attention in several school districts with a high population of English language learners.

“By incorporating a differentiated learning experience that taps the key learning modalities, we’re able to increase engagement and retention across all learners including ELL, at-risk, and special needs students,” added Kaye. This non-conventional, technology-based instruction is credited by many of its users as one of the biggest contributors to improved literacy scores.

The multi-touch display and high-definition HP Touch Mat technology offered in Sprout Pro by HP G2 will be fully utilized with the Learning alive Suite. With ordinary-looking flashcards, early learners will be able to build words and sentences that come to life in beautiful 3D animation.

“I love watching our software run on Sprout Pro by HP G2. They simply go together so perfectly,” said Kaye. The software also uses the built-in projection capabilities of Sprout Pro by HP G2. In the program modules, virtual buttons are projected onto the 20-point Touch Mat, allowing children to touch and interact as they complete each exercise.

HP’s Director of Education for Immersive Computing, Laura Vidal-Borrell stated, “Alive Studios has taken the cutting-edge technology on Sprout Pro by HP G2 to create a super fun and engaging learning experience. We are very excited to see the Learning alive Plus Station for Sprout Pro by HP G2 used in schools and libraries across the world to support early learning and literacy.”

You can check out this amazing technology at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #419 you can also check them out on the web at 

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