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ISTE 2017: Teenage Mutant Ninja G-Suite Tools For Education

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Teenage Mutant Ninja G-Suite Tools For EducationISTE 2017: Amplified Labs Is Creating The Tools Teachers Need To Maximize G-Suite In The Classroom

Amplified-Labs-Gopher-Top ISTE 2017: Teenage Mutant Ninja G-Suite Tools For Education

Google’s G-Suite is becoming more and more commonplace in classrooms and schools across the country. As we all know, Google tends to iterate rather quickly. New York based Amplified Labs is keeping up with the pace of G-Suite and creating some seriously bad ass tools for G-Suite.

“We create tools for G Suite that re-imagine and improve the workflows, systems, and IT processes that make amazing student learning experiences possible.” the company says.

At the end of the day, faults in technology can lead to longer wait times and inefficiency in the classroom. Students actually notice this and teacher’s live with this everyday. Streamlining technology and making it faster and more efficient, will only improve the entire classroom experience. When students come back from summer break or a new student joins the class in the middle of a semester, teachers don’t want to have to fiddle with technology or jump through hoops just to get them “into the system”. Technology in the classroom is like paper of decades ago, imagine a new student coming into the class and there not being enough paper for them to participate. That would be a travesty.

The tools that Amplified is designing are made to make teacher’s lives and workflow easier and preventing these problems.

Here are some of the tools:

  • Little SIS for Classroom: Allows teachers to quickly and easily sync all of their rosters across Classrooms. It can also be used to perform critical cleanup tasks like identifying and bulk archiving old, unneeded classes so they don’t clutter up the student/teacher experience.
  • User Gopher gives teachers, administrators and technology directors “user-management Super Powers”. Quickly align contact properties across all users, quickly perform bulk actions to all users, bulk create users and more.
  • Centipede is an Arduino based micro controller that saves settings and makes deploying multiple Chromebooks a much easier task. Simply plug Centipede into new Chromebook units and it will power through enrollment screens automatically.

Amplified Labs has plenty more where that came from and they’re all designed to make G-Suite much easier saving teachers, administrators and technology directors time and headaches.

They do what they do “because saving people hundreds of hours of work feels amazing” the company says. To that end they want educators to stop by their booth at ISTE 2017 to talk about their unmet G-Suite needs. If there’s a problem, Amplified Labs wants to create a tool to fix it.

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