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ISTE 2017: AP Lazer Is Putting Lasers In The Classroom

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: AP Lazer Is Putting Lasers In The ClassroomISTE 2017: AP Lazer Is Exciting Studens And Teaching STEAM Through Lasers

APLazer-ISTE2017-top ISTE 2017: AP Lazer Is Putting Lasers In The Classroom

When I was in high school we had woodshop and good ole Mr. Thomas must have been 80 years old and was missing two fingertips. Those were the old days where you could make wooden derby cars and penny hockey boards with pieces of wood.   3D printers have found their way into most schools. Some schools are lucky enough to have one if not more 3D printers in each classroom. In other schools, the 3D Printer has found the way of the old Apple II, pushed on around on a cart. Either way, 3D printing is an amazing way to make things and teach STEAM.

There’s another way though, and some may think it’s even cooler. Of course we’re talking about lasers and laser engraving machines.

AP Lazer, a manufacturer of laser engraving machines, has started targeting education. The laser printing process takes some of the skills students are learning through 3D printing, to the next level. It’s also another technical skill that’s taking the place of autoshop in high schools.

With a laser engraving machine in the classroom, school or shop, students can learn the physics of CO2 laser, 3 axis motion and improve use of computer software, transforming them into thinkers and builders well before they reach the job market.

“Theater students can use the laser for sets, props and costumes. Athletes can engrave things like baseball bats, gloves, shoes and sports balls. Artistic students can work on their design skills while producing art with the laser. The musically inclined can engrave names or inspirational quotes onto music instruments. The best part? It’s easy enough for a 10-year-old to use.” AP Lazer says on their website.

Larger and more progressive technical and vocational high schools across the country have been using laser cutting machines, CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment for years. AP Lazer makes the laser cutting machine more attainable for schools across the country. The company does point out that laser engraving machines can’t actually make 3D objects like a 3D printer can but it is another way to wow students through STEAM and a vocational skill for today’s industrial marketplace.

See the AP Lazer engraving machines in action at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio June 25th-28th, booth #3418 or online at