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ISTE 2017: Learn Just About Everything With Hoonuit By Atomic Learning

ISTE 2017: Atomic Learning’s Hoonuit Is Immersive Training For Just About Everything

atomic-learning-top ISTE 2017: Learn Just About Everything With Hoonuit By Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is just about old enough to vote. Since their founding in 2000, the company has provided online learning modules, curriculum and lessons targeted at educators, teachers and even students. If it has anything to do with school, college, learning or technology, you can most likely learn more at

Have you been teaching third grade for ten years and you just can’t figure out why kids aren’t getting engaged like they used to? With Atomic Learning there are quick, easy to understand online courses for that, filled with great material. Did your school just update to the latest version of Google Docs? There’s a lesson for that too.

Unlike other e-learning platforms Atomic Learning vets their content creators and insures that the content is rich and not a bunch of fluff. Time for teachers, professors and educators alike is often limited. There’s nothing like watching a 40 minute instructional video on YouTube just to find  you didn’t learn anything. That’s what makes Atomic Learning unique.

Atomic Learning breaks their lessons into four steps, each time and every time. The steps; Learn It, Do It, Share it and Prove It take the learner through a natural learning progression.

Atomic-Learning-2 ISTE 2017: Learn Just About Everything With Hoonuit By Atomic Learning

What’s more is that Atomic Learning breaks every lesson down into micro-lessons within the learning module. At the onset of every lesson, Atomic Learning clearly identifies the “learning outcomes” exactly what the take-aways should be when each learner completes the module.  For the purpose of this ISTE 2017 Preview we went through “Integrating the 4C’s Into Your Classroom”. The quick easy to understand videos were broken down into five sections: getting started, collaboration, communication, digital thinking and creativity.

At the end of the lessons there was an easy to understand worksheet assessing the material. After that we could have shared it and submitted a reflection by “proving it”.

There are thousands of lessons within hoonuit and Atomic Learning covering a wide variety of topics. K-12 schools, colleges and universities are all using Atomic Learning to learn just about everything.

You can visit Atomic Learning at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th at booth #3441 and online at