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ISTE 2017: Beamer: Space Travel, Dinosaurs, History Oh My

ISTE ’17: Beamer creates interactive video games for kids to explore

beamer-iste-top ISTE 2017: Beamer: Space Travel, Dinosaurs, History Oh My

Everything is made of stardust. The same stardust that’s in your body today is the same stardust that was in dinosaurs, Albert Einstein and just about every living thing in the world of the past and present. This is the basis of The Beamer series of interactive internet connected educational games, called The Stardust Mystery Games.

The first in the series of Stardust Mystery Games, Extinction, will be released this year. The game takes students through a voyage of time travel back to prehistoric days when dinosaurs inhabited the earth. They will also release a book, “The Stardust Mystery Guide” alongside the game.

The game will be filled with micro lessons like a trip through the body exploring the systems that make up human life. Then, players will travel to the days of the T-Rex and explore the connection through Stardust.  The idea is that the one game platform, and then the series of games will help teach science, history, technology and more in a collaborative online environment.

beamer-iste-2 ISTE 2017: Beamer: Space Travel, Dinosaurs, History Oh My“We want to use this incredible true fact to encourage children to learn about atoms, how they make up all living things and materials, how, when and where they were created, and how they recycle from one thing to another.” the company says.

Up to three kids can play together across the internet giving the game the feeling that it’s a true video game, because it is. The game has already received the “Best SBIR Learning Game” honor at the 4th annual Ed Games expo, hosted by the US Department of Education, late last year.

They’ve also received grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Connecticut Technology Talent Bridge Program and Connecticut Innovations, Inc (CII) SBIR Acceleration and Commercialization Cooperative Agreement.

You can check out the game for yourself at the EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #2132 and online at