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Belkin Introduces One Rockstar Of A Charging Station At ISTE 2017

ISTE 2017: Belkin Introduces “Rockstar” 10 Port Charging Station At EdTech Conference

The fine minds at Belkin, one of the leading manufacturers of accessories in the world, introduced one rockstar of a charging statin at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio last week.

The Rockstar 10 port USB Charging station is a lightweight extremely easy to use charging station designed for schools with multiple USB devices deployed at one time. Now a classroom of thirty USB devices just needs three outlets to charge everyone’s device. The sleek, charging port weighs less than a 6 outlet power strip and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

banner Belkin Introduces One Rockstar Of A Charging Station At ISTE 2017Although a pretty simple device at it’s core it’s packed with features that are made for today’s modern classroom. First off, all of the USB outlets are turned the same direction which insures that there’s not a huge mess of cords at the charging point. As Belkin Product Manager Phil Alfonso pointed out, the Rockstar 10 Port Charging Station is also designed to work with their new Store and Charge Go solutions designed to make it easier to maintain, organize and deploy devices in the classroom.

School technical directors will be excited to know that each USB outlet on the Rockstar 10 Port Charging Station is 2.4amps so it’s not just possible, but ideal, to charge 10 tablets at one time.

belkin-rockstar Belkin Introduces One Rockstar Of A Charging Station At ISTE 2017Other features include:

  • The multi-port USB charge strip is powerful enough to charge 10 iPads, tablets or other USB-charging compliant devices at once
  • 10 x 2.4A max USB-A ports
  • 120W overall external power supply output
  • Intelligent charging delivers correct wattage
  • Includes surge protection backed by Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Regional plug sets available for U.S., UK, Europe and Asia
  • Compatible with the Store and Charge Go

You can check out the Belkin Rockstar 10 Port Charging Station at or contact your Belkin distributor.  The Rockstar will be available August 15th.