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Blocksi Has Developed The Most Feature Packed Chrome OS Filtering System Avaialable

ISTE 2017: Blocksi Talks Chrome OS Filtering, Management And Detection At ISTE

Blocksi Manager For Education is the most feature packed and comprehensive content filtering solution for Google app managed Chromebooks in a 21st century learning environment. Blocksi takes their commitment to Chromebooks in the classroom to new heights by not only offering what we all consider content filtering but by adding in, an important monitoring and alert system, asset management, teacher controls, parental controls and asset management.

Teacher Dashboard

Blocki’s teacher dashboard will allow teachers to monitor and view every student’s Chromebook screen in the class. The dashboard is also fully Google classroom compliant. The content filtering system makes sure that the students are on task and not looking at any restricted content. Teachers are able to receive notifications when someone is not following along and participating as they should be.

“Dynamic web and Youtube category based filtering allows teachers to enforce focus driven classes so that only the meaningful and relevant internet content is made available to students” the company says.

An analytics dashboard offers teachers important data on what each and every student is doing on their Chromebook whether they are at home or at school as long as they are using the school’s Chromebook device. This allows teachers to make sure students are doing what they are supposed to and helps them to identify where students are having trouble.

blocksi-ss Blocksi Has Developed The Most Feature Packed Chrome OS Filtering System Avaialable

Parent Dashboard

In many school’s and districts the Chromebook may be the child’s only access to the internet. Chromebooks are finding their way home and out of the school more and more often. Teachers, Principal’s and other administrators are now more comfortable letting students take home their Chromebooks every day of the school year. Using the Teacher dashboard, teacher’s can make sure that students and families aren’t using the Chromebooks for anything inappropriate, that’s a given. Blocksi goes above and beyond with a “Parent Dashboard” as well.

Since the Chromebooks actually spend more time in students’ homes than schools Blocksi thought it was important to provide parents a degree of control as well. Parents want to make sure that their children aren’t using the school issued computers to peruse the internet for inappropriate content at all hours of the night.

The Blocksi parent dashboard allows time control, a second layer of content filtering and the ability for parents to see history, even if the student/child has deleted it. The parent dashboard makes exceptions to the school enforced policy when the Chromebook is at home by allowing or blocking specific content. Parents can control when their child uses the Chromebook and where they are surfing too.

For parents, teachers and administrators, Blocksi has built in an AI (artificial intelligence) component that is always on and monitoring for important warning signs and triggers. Blocksi can warn parents, teachers and administrators if students are being cyber bullied, feeling suicidal or could represent a risk to the school community. This content monitoring is set for plenty of triggers that will help make the internet experience safer for the student.

There were a handful of content filtering and device management systems at ISTE 2017, none quite as thorough as Blocksi. Check out their website at and stay tuned to for more info about this amazing tool for school.

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