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ISTE 2017: Turn The Light On Portfolios With bulb

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Turn The Light On Portfolios With bulbISTE ’17: bulb Is More Than Just Online Portfolios

bulbapp-2-top ISTE 2017: Turn The Light On Portfolios With bulb

Whether it’s homework, essays, class projects, personal writings, art projects or other media, if it’s created by a student, they need a Bulb. Bulb is the new inspired way for students to create, share and showcase their work.

There’s no shortage of online portfolio software out there, and Bulb knows that. That’s why they’ve strived to make bulb the easiest online portfolio to not just share and warehouse work but to showcase it as well. bulb has a variety of built in creative tools that allow users (students, teachers and anyone else) to add an element of themselves to how the work is showcased.

bulb is quite customizable as well. A student can use Bulb for their classwork, but what if they’re creating beautiful digital or even non-digital artwork on the side. They can also use bulb to showcase that work as well. And, they can select who sees what. bulb also stays with the student for life. Students may start a bulb in first grade, when it comes time to apply for college, everything will still be intact, and beyond that.

MathBRIX_banner ISTE 2017: Turn The Light On Portfolios With bulbbulb isn’t just for students though, teachers can use bulb to easily publish lessons, collaborate as a class or group, share lessons with a teacher down the hall or across the globe, and even build and promote digital citizenship in students.  Whether a student or a teacher bulbs are organized in collections and you can share that collection with whoever you want to. Teachers use these collections to share with students. Say there’s a science teacher teaching a lesson about Mars. Mars would be the collection and all of the lessons and material about Mars would be housed in that collection.

bulb interacts easily with Google Classroom, Microsoft Office products and more. That means, no matter where you created your work, you can save it in a bulb.

bulb is feature packed and easy to use.  Check out bulb for yourself at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #3232 and online at

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