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Have Fun And Learn With Buncee At ISTE 17

ISTE 2017: Buncee Is An Amazing Digital Creation Tool, Learn All About It At ISTE

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Buncee is a digital creation tool that teachers find both fun and amazing. With Buncee, creative teachers have a blank canvas to bring lessons to life in a way that they haven’t had before. From on screen game shows to interactive quizzes, the Buncee platform makes creation a breeze.

Teachers are used to creating with tools from Microsoft and Google. They’re both great tools but limited because of their massive distribution. But it wasn’t actually education that spurred the creation of Buncee.

“years ago, my daughter, Daniella, passed away from treatment complications related to a very rare bone marrow failure disorder, called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Our family’s loss motivated us to find a cure for this disease and to help other children in hopes that what happened to her wouldn’t happen again. We established the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation to fund efforts to advance the state of DBA science and ultimately find a cure.” Marie Arturi the founder of Buncee said.

“At the end of one of our medical research conferences, I was following up with everyone and wanted to send them my thanks and share the full story of our meetings. Primarily, I wanted to share a digital story of the event. I found that at the time, there wasn’t a tool in existence that would enable me to combine photos, videos, research articles, and a personal message beautifully. I was looking for a media-rich creation tool with a personal touch. I wasn’t a designer, nor did I use photoshop. It had to be a very easy-to-use tool. Through that journey, Buncee was born.” Arturi told the Huffington Post.

MathBRIX_banner Have Fun And Learn With Buncee At ISTE 17Now, with Buncee, even teacher’s without natural creativity can create meaningful interactive, multimedia lessons.

The company has been on a whirlwind tour showing off Buncee to educators everywhere. Their next stop is ISTE 2017 the largest edtech conference in the United States. Arturi and her team have assembled some of the best Buncee ambassadors to give talks, showing off what teacher’s can do with Buncee. Even their mascot Buncee Man will be at their booth.

Here’s a brief look at their schedule of events for ISTE next week.

  • Monday June 26th 2:00pm Shannon Miller will be talking about 7 ways Buncee supports the ISTE Standards With Students!
  • Monday June 26th 3:00pm Todd Flory will be talking about using Buncee for Alternative Assessments
  • Monday June 26th 4:00pm Rachelle Poth will be talking about creating webquests and flip your learning
  • Tuesday June 27th 11:00am meet superstar 4th grader Curran Dee who will be talking about his digital citizenship initiative for students, by students @digcitkids
  • Tuesday June 27th 2:00pm Amy Storer teaches everyone how to play Buncee Doodle
  • Wednesday June 28th 11:00am Bonnie Mclelland on Kindergarten, Chromebooks and Buncee Oh My

If you’re using Buncee or thinking about using Buncee come see these Buncee Ambassador talks at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #759. Find out more about Buncee and their compete ISTE 2017 schedule here. 

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